Sunday, April 10, 2016


Curry for Breakfast

Mum had an upcoming two-week long cruise so there was no need to pay a visit to the wet market. Woke up later than usual and made a trip to Seri Petaling for breakfast. Picked Restoran Alison. Its one of the few places in KL fully-operated by locals. Old uncles shuffle around serving drinks. One particular uncle shakes so much that I think a quarter of the coffee he carries ends up in the saucer. But such an establishments is more expensive. My curry noodles actually cost MYR7.

Although the cruise was just in a couple of days, mum wasn't very sure about the details. We made our way to her friend's house, who was the organizer. Finally had a look at the travel itinerary and understood the logistics. The Golden Princess Cruise was departing from Melbourne to New Zealand. There would be several stopovers and finally return to Melbourne. Some complexity thrown in with two of her friends flying in from Sydney instead of direct, some hotel stays to arrange, yadda, yadda, yadda. But I think the gang of aunties will do fine.

Cold Coffee Sticks

Ever since I spied Zen & Co. at Happy Garden, I had been itching to try it. Went there for lunch and found a healthy crowd. Noisy cause it traps sounds, kinda like Workshop 103. Food and drink was surprisingly cheap. Tried their coffee cubes in roasted almond flavour and shared Kinoko Yaki Pasta and Tuna Steak with mum. Will definitely go back again for the food and perhaps cruise the twinky waiters.

Jap Pasta

Tuna Steak

Posing Waiter

Ate dinner at a nearby shop in my neighbourhood. Shared a soup and claypot chicken rice with mum. The night was still young, so I headed out to yumcha session with SimonLover, KH and SK. The famous skanky blogger suggested Frisson Coffee Bar at Damansara Uptown. Traffic at Damansara Uptown is really icky even on non-working days. Made a mental note to avoid the area in the future. For the first time, I ordered a coffee soda. Interesting to have sparkling caffeine drink.

Chicken Rice in a Claypot

Soda and Coffee

Waffles for Supper


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all good food(^^)
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I love that huge cruise ship!

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I've never been on a cruise ship.