Sunday, April 24, 2016

Birthday & Beauties

Fusion Sashimi Moriawase

Note: I'm back from my two week trip! If you didn't notice, please carry on. LOL.

Second round of SK's birthday was celebrated at Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar, Atria Shopping Gallery. What's the difference with the celebration at Marini's you may ask? The guest list actually.  A slight tweak-- mum, Lifebook and her colleague from Penang. Made the mistake of booking via When I arrived, they told me I had no booking. Thank goodness their business ain't that great, so we managed to secure a table anyway. But if they had actually checked the website, we might have gotten the white lantern room. All of us arrived earlier than planned with the exception of KH who took pains to arrive on the dot. I waited for him before ordering since we would be sharing but he wasn't too interested in the process. Grrrr. Ordered the fusion sashimi moriawase, but truthfully I wasn't sure what was fusion about it. Repeated some orders but tried some new items too like the foie gras roll and lobster roll (which happened to be her 'birthday cake' which we lighted with digital candles). 

Foie Gras Roll

Lobster Roll

Mum and I lingered at the Atria because she wanted to watch the Mrs. Malaysia Universe Pageant semi-finals. The whole place was crawling with ex-beauty queens parading in their tiaras from years back. I saw titles like Mrs. Malaysia Petite World (not tall enough) and Mrs. Elite Malaysia Universe (not young enough). The talent segment was the most interesting with zumba and a whole lot of belly dancing. While the judges were tabulating the scores (tiaras in Starbucks is not something one sees every day), one past-year runner up provided a rousing performance of CNY songs dressed up like level 9 Getai singer.

Talent Contest

Talent Contest

Pageant Women

Behind the Beauties

CNY Singing

Belly Dancing

In the evening, dinner was hosted at MaisonSK again. The main attraction of the night of SK's colleague's golden pulse beauty bar from Japan. Supposedly the the vibrations of 6000 RPM creates a lifting effect for the face. Demonstrated the thing on my mum's face. She did it on one side of the face for better comparison but I don't think the effect was very dramatic. Perhaps with regular use there would be something obvious.

Sharks Fin Omelette


Twilight Man said...

Now I remember this event. They still look gorgeous?

William said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.