Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Date with Money

SRK Subang Jaya

Volunteer work as a form of dating-- guess I can scratch that off my bucket list now. KH likes to join his company's corporate social responsibility activities and when he found out that they lacked volunteers, he roped me in. I was supposed to teach standard 4 and 5 kids about money. We arrived at Sekolah Rendah Subang Jaya at 9:00 AM. A strange feeling walking into a primary school with all the kids around. Normally its five years once to vote. LOL. All the kids were huddled into the hall together with the volunteers. More volunteers turned up and less kids attended. So my help wasn't really needed. Started off with a short briefing and the kids were split into eight groups of six. KH and I got to know our kids (super hipster names these days) and we distributed the breakfast packs-- bottled water, a vegetable samosa and a stunted doughnut.

JA More than Money

When I looked at the training material from Junior Achievement, I doubted that the kids would get it. The "JA More Than Money" program had 6 modules that touched on topics like bank accounts, earning money and running a business. Heavy stuff for a kid really. Have to translate and simplify for them to get the idea through. Most of the kids revealed that they have a bank account but do not know how much money they have in it. One kid surprised me by saying, "I think there are two commas in the number". Interspersed between the boring rote learning stuff were games that combined board games and book keeping. Most of the kids were intent on saving money when presented with decisions, but I was most shocked by one particular question:

You find a wallet on the street.
a) You send the wallet to the nearest police station.
b) You keep the wallet.

Most of the kids chose (b) because they thought they would get money from that answer. They were obviously disappointed when I told them they get no extra money regardless of the answer. The kids were getting restless so we breezed through the modules. When it came to the part about being a smart consumer, we got to ask them about their wish list. The favourite was iPhone 6S and a hoverboard. Kids have expensive tastes these days. In the end, we took a wefie and waited for the other kids to finish. Lunch was provided in the form of Happy Meals. Funny that the volunteers were more excited about the Monchhichi toys than the kids.

Happy Meal

KH and I were so tired after the session. I won' be doing this again any time soon. Got our coffee fix at After Black, a cafe that seems popular with the student population nearby. Cheap prices and good coffee. And I got to cuci mata with a hunky guy who was on a coffee date with a caucasian leng lui. 

Iced Coffee

Baked Eggs

After that we went home to my place for a shower and a skank. A satisfying Saturday. :D.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pyjamas Party

Pak Ko

Ever since mum went off to Melbourne for her cruise, I had been left to my own devices. Been able to have some short dinner dates with KH after work. Sometimes at Hong Ngek (they fry up a killer pak ko), sometimes at Soong Kee. At other times, SK would be the one doing the cooking. On a Friday, KH found an excuse to have a sleep over at my place. Dinner for us was a bunch of sushi and maki from Isetan Food Market in KLCC. Cold food in the tummy is definitely a weird feeling.


The sleep over was a pyjamas party of sorts. Obviously my definition of pyjamas is au naturel. Missed sleeping beside my darling KH, feeling the touch of his skin and his lips on mine. Unfortunately, the oven-like nature of the weather made us sweat like pigs. And that was without the exertion of sex. We didn't drag our session late into the night because we had something planned early in the morning. Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Birthday & Beauties

Fusion Sashimi Moriawase

Note: I'm back from my two week trip! If you didn't notice, please carry on. LOL.

Second round of SK's birthday was celebrated at Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar, Atria Shopping Gallery. What's the difference with the celebration at Marini's you may ask? The guest list actually.  A slight tweak-- mum, Lifebook and her colleague from Penang. Made the mistake of booking via When I arrived, they told me I had no booking. Thank goodness their business ain't that great, so we managed to secure a table anyway. But if they had actually checked the website, we might have gotten the white lantern room. All of us arrived earlier than planned with the exception of KH who took pains to arrive on the dot. I waited for him before ordering since we would be sharing but he wasn't too interested in the process. Grrrr. Ordered the fusion sashimi moriawase, but truthfully I wasn't sure what was fusion about it. Repeated some orders but tried some new items too like the foie gras roll and lobster roll (which happened to be her 'birthday cake' which we lighted with digital candles). 

Foie Gras Roll

Lobster Roll

Mum and I lingered at the Atria because she wanted to watch the Mrs. Malaysia Universe Pageant semi-finals. The whole place was crawling with ex-beauty queens parading in their tiaras from years back. I saw titles like Mrs. Malaysia Petite World (not tall enough) and Mrs. Elite Malaysia Universe (not young enough). The talent segment was the most interesting with zumba and a whole lot of belly dancing. While the judges were tabulating the scores (tiaras in Starbucks is not something one sees every day), one past-year runner up provided a rousing performance of CNY songs dressed up like level 9 Getai singer.

Talent Contest

Talent Contest

Pageant Women

Behind the Beauties

CNY Singing

Belly Dancing

In the evening, dinner was hosted at MaisonSK again. The main attraction of the night of SK's colleague's golden pulse beauty bar from Japan. Supposedly the the vibrations of 6000 RPM creates a lifting effect for the face. Demonstrated the thing on my mum's face. She did it on one side of the face for better comparison but I don't think the effect was very dramatic. Perhaps with regular use there would be something obvious.

Sharks Fin Omelette

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Curry for Breakfast

Mum had an upcoming two-week long cruise so there was no need to pay a visit to the wet market. Woke up later than usual and made a trip to Seri Petaling for breakfast. Picked Restoran Alison. Its one of the few places in KL fully-operated by locals. Old uncles shuffle around serving drinks. One particular uncle shakes so much that I think a quarter of the coffee he carries ends up in the saucer. But such an establishments is more expensive. My curry noodles actually cost MYR7.

Although the cruise was just in a couple of days, mum wasn't very sure about the details. We made our way to her friend's house, who was the organizer. Finally had a look at the travel itinerary and understood the logistics. The Golden Princess Cruise was departing from Melbourne to New Zealand. There would be several stopovers and finally return to Melbourne. Some complexity thrown in with two of her friends flying in from Sydney instead of direct, some hotel stays to arrange, yadda, yadda, yadda. But I think the gang of aunties will do fine.

Cold Coffee Sticks

Ever since I spied Zen & Co. at Happy Garden, I had been itching to try it. Went there for lunch and found a healthy crowd. Noisy cause it traps sounds, kinda like Workshop 103. Food and drink was surprisingly cheap. Tried their coffee cubes in roasted almond flavour and shared Kinoko Yaki Pasta and Tuna Steak with mum. Will definitely go back again for the food and perhaps cruise the twinky waiters.

Jap Pasta

Tuna Steak

Posing Waiter

Ate dinner at a nearby shop in my neighbourhood. Shared a soup and claypot chicken rice with mum. The night was still young, so I headed out to yumcha session with SimonLover, KH and SK. The famous skanky blogger suggested Frisson Coffee Bar at Damansara Uptown. Traffic at Damansara Uptown is really icky even on non-working days. Made a mental note to avoid the area in the future. For the first time, I ordered a coffee soda. Interesting to have sparkling caffeine drink.

Chicken Rice in a Claypot

Soda and Coffee

Waffles for Supper

Monday, April 04, 2016

SK's Birthday on 57

Monkey King

In normal circumstances, KH and I usually have a long lunch date on Fridays. We would usually alternate between KLCC, Avenue K and Intermark. Or if I'm in the mood, I would travel down to Masjid Jamek. On the 19th of February (which happens to SK's birthday-- more on that later), we ate at New Shanghai Legend at Intermark. The place was quite full maybe due to the CNY season (saw people lou-sang-ing in English and not standing up-- sungguh takde feel). We ate halal dim sum there which was quite limited in variety. Nothing fantastic except that they serve a weird tri-sauce CCF-- chili, sweet sauce and peanut butter. Yikes. Then we grabbed a couple of flat whites at Grizzly.

Tri-Colour CCF

Rocket Fuel

Paper Napkins

SK had grand plans for her birthday. If she could have it her way, it would have been seven days and seven nights of festivities. On Friday night (the exact date), she requested for dinner, and drinks at a rooftop bar. We chose Marini's on 57 for drinks, but KH warned us that the food there was expensive, so we dined elsewhere. Did a short survey and decided on Limoncella. The guest list included KH, #BF, Brian and even Tater who was in town for pleasure. SK came dressed in a black dress which looked great except for the pairing with her Birkenstocks! She was saving her heels for Marini's on 57. I wasn't happy with my choice of dinner. The barley rice with lamb ragout didn't impress me. Like when mum makes barley water and douse the leftovers with brown sauce.



Barley Rice with Lamb Ragout

At about 8:30 PM we headed to Marini's on 57 through a series of elevators at Petronas Tower 3. Two interchanges to get to the 57th floor. The first thing that I remarked was how noisy it was. SK concurred. Brian said that we were old. Took advantage of the happy hour and ordered our drinks. Then we took a look around and cam-whored with the Petronas Twin Towers in the background. At about 9:00 PM, Apollo arrived. He had a long chat with Tater cause they had not met for more than a year. Being the 'old' people that we were, we left at 10:30 PM.

Twin Towers at Night

Public Bank Tower