Friday, March 04, 2016

TCM 2.0

Fried Chicken

Big Monster's school is located in Kuala Lumpur, so he had Federal Territory Day off. Little Monster's pre-school is located in Seri Kembangan so he was in school. Big Monster spent the day at his mother's office so mum and I only needed to handle the youngest. When we picked him up he was dressed in a red shirt. According to him, he had a CNY party at school. Most of his female classmates came in qipaos. After picking him up, we headed to the TCM for mum's follow up. Her coughing was still as bad. The doctor blamed it on the food she had the night before at MaisonSK. She shouldn't have drank the herbal soup. And to make it worse, it was chicken-based. Even the pakchoy was a no-no. Difficult. She prescribed another bunch of herbs and sent us on our way. We ate lunch at a nearby kopitiam. We walked there and the sun was shining brightly. Little Monster is a real Puteri Lilin. Rather than face the glare, he would just put his hands over his eyes and expect that his kau fu to guide him to safety. For his lunch, I ordered a large steamed chicken drumstick with rice. The kid walloped half of it and fell asleep at the table. So cute. When I carried him to the car, the was a slice of sunlight across the backseats. He decided to continue sleeping seated instead of lying down!

Following that, I went to meet KH. He wanted to go to Snickerdoodles, but it was too late. When we arrived, there was a sign out front announcing their cessation of business! Guess I jinxed it. Hehe. With no better alternative in the vicinity, we sat down at the mamak shop nearby. Average tasting roti canai and fried chicken, but the maggi goreng was quite decent. Just a place to enjoy each other's company.


Twilight Man said...

Big & Small Monster's Kau Fu is a sweet Old Monster.

William said...

Hear me roar

Jaded Jeremy said...

Your mum prefers TCM than Western medicine?

William said...

She was trying an alternative