Sunday, March 06, 2016

Start Cooking

Mum's Braised Duck

Reunion dinner is usually a ten dish affair at my home although we are not a big family. The expedite the cooking process mum cooks some of the dishes in advance. Of course not all dishes can be cooked early but for some, it is ideal because it will add to the flavour. The two dishes that mum prepared on Saturday was stewed duck and springrolls. Watched mum sear the duck in a wok with star anise, five spice powder, cinnamon, greater galangal and palm sugar. The aroma was fantastic. Next she minced pork and added in diced water chestnut, carrots, black fungus and prawn meat. The filling was later wrapped with beancurd skin (plus a surprise piece pig liver) and fried. While mum cooked, I washed the cars.

Mum's Springrolls

In the afternoon, we went to Plaza Damas to collect our new spectacles. SK's was still stuck at the lab due to its special requirements. Been a while since I wore rimless spectacles, so the light reflection from the edging was a bit distracting. My eyes would learn to ignore that in a while. The blue coat also had its peculiarities that wasn't explained by the optician. Firstly, it gives my vision a yellow-ish tint. Didn't really notice at first due to my lower colour awareness. Secondly, each light source is matched with a matching blue spot in my vision. Really would take some getting used to.

Asam Laksa

Had a very late lunch at Bibi's Nyonya Delights, Plaza Damas 3, across the road from the mall. Most of the restaurants were closed till dinner time so we didn't have much of a choice. Tried their nyonya curry chicken rice (thumbs up), ayam masak merah (so-so), CKT (average), and asam laksa (so-so). Dinner was at Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee to give my brother his Hokkien mee fix. He already had his nasi lemak fix in the morning. In the following days, will continue with roti canai and curry noodles. LOL.

Hokkien Mee


Twilight Man said...

Assam Laksa so so only? Looks can be deceiving!

William said...

Not based on looks, I tasted it

untold stories said...

Hey do you know the the make/model of the blue lens? Do they look like 'transition' when you wear them?

William said...

I used the Hoya coating. Not like transition. It's an obvious blue tint.