Monday, April 04, 2016

SK's Birthday on 57

Monkey King

In normal circumstances, KH and I usually have a long lunch date on Fridays. We would usually alternate between KLCC, Avenue K and Intermark. Or if I'm in the mood, I would travel down to Masjid Jamek. On the 19th of February (which happens to SK's birthday-- more on that later), we ate at New Shanghai Legend at Intermark. The place was quite full maybe due to the CNY season (saw people lou-sang-ing in English and not standing up-- sungguh takde feel). We ate halal dim sum there which was quite limited in variety. Nothing fantastic except that they serve a weird tri-sauce CCF-- chili, sweet sauce and peanut butter. Yikes. Then we grabbed a couple of flat whites at Grizzly.

Tri-Colour CCF

Rocket Fuel

Paper Napkins

SK had grand plans for her birthday. If she could have it her way, it would have been seven days and seven nights of festivities. On Friday night (the exact date), she requested for dinner, and drinks at a rooftop bar. We chose Marini's on 57 for drinks, but KH warned us that the food there was expensive, so we dined elsewhere. Did a short survey and decided on Limoncella. The guest list included KH, #BF, Brian and even Tater who was in town for pleasure. SK came dressed in a black dress which looked great except for the pairing with her Birkenstocks! She was saving her heels for Marini's on 57. I wasn't happy with my choice of dinner. The barley rice with lamb ragout didn't impress me. Like when mum makes barley water and douse the leftovers with brown sauce.



Barley Rice with Lamb Ragout

At about 8:30 PM we headed to Marini's on 57 through a series of elevators at Petronas Tower 3. Two interchanges to get to the 57th floor. The first thing that I remarked was how noisy it was. SK concurred. Brian said that we were old. Took advantage of the happy hour and ordered our drinks. Then we took a look around and cam-whored with the Petronas Twin Towers in the background. At about 9:00 PM, Apollo arrived. He had a long chat with Tater cause they had not met for more than a year. Being the 'old' people that we were, we left at 10:30 PM.

Twin Towers at Night

Public Bank Tower


Twilight Man said...

Your photographs are beautiful and majestic.
Where is the shot of the birthday gal?

Derek said...

You sounded like you were not happy the whole night ;-)

Ipohboy Journey said...

halo, 1st time dropping by ! nice bloggie (^^)

William said...

Thanks. Pics in FB.

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