Friday, March 25, 2016

Sad Story,Sex Story, Food Story

Southborough Scouts

In a blink of an eye, things can really change for the worse. That's how frail the human body is. An elderly man in BEC was struck down by ill health all of a sudden. Just a week before, I saw him at church, standing straight-backed as usual, cracking jokes with friends. A week after, he was shaking all over, looking confused and needed someone to support him. Turns out that he had malignant tumours in his brain, and they had finally grew to a stage where his brain function was impaired. Paid him a visit at his home in Taman Desa on Saturday. He was happy to receive us. His elderly wife and daughter took care of his daily needs. But its difficult on the old lady too as she is frail and has gout. Around the house were old photographs of days gone by, and happier, healthier times. Also memorabilia of his scouting days. In the following weeks, he would begin radiotherapy. Really hope that it would help. Nobody knows when disaster will strike, so we should not take our loved ones for granted, especially the elderly.

Ganbare!! Robocon

KH had tickets to a matinee show at KLPAC, so I had lunch with him before driving over to Sentul Timur. We ate at Koyaku, a japanese restaurant with a pop culture theme.  The place was decorated with pictures of heartthrobs from the 90s and popular anime characters like Astro Boy, Ganbare!! Robocon, and Gin Tama. They also use kokeshi dolls, old Japanese posters and corugated paper boxes as decorations. The restaurant also has many private rooms styled like little huts which happens to be its namesake. Food-wise, things were pretty positive. They have a fusion style with decent quality food at a fair price.

Gin Tama

Seared Scallop

Tuna Jaw & Radish Soup


Nigiri Sushi

Both of us didn't know what we were watching until we collected the tickets at the box office. Turned out to be "The Best of Tales from the Bedroom"- 12 selected scenes from their shows in the past two years. Memorable sketches include Datuk K and Siti khalwat, ah beng phone sex, kampung pillow talk, inter-racial sex and ancient Chinese bedroom drama. Wonder what the tudung-ed Malay girls in the audience were thinking about the skimpily-dressed Malay actresses in bed with muhrim. No wonder there was a minimum age of 16. The play ran longer than expected, so I was kinda rushed to get home and attend the next scheduled activity.


My colleague organized a potluck at Bukit Puchong. We had a weird mix of food-- fried glass noodles, KFC, nasi kerabu, fishballs, wine chicken and pizza. Also did a lou sang which my colleague bought from Hai Tian. It cost an obscene MYR98. Crazy. Hollered the usual auspicious sayings, but we burst into laughter when one colleague suddenly said:

"May all those who are unmarried get married this year!"

Food was followed by gambling. The host lost around MYR100 playing black jack with his guests. I didn't contribute to his losses. Before calling it a night, we lit a strand of red crackers at the front porch. Hopefully that would be auspicious start for all of us at work.


Twilight Man said...

It is always sad to hear when one gets frail, sickly and fade off. That's life.
Hope they have gotten help from Hospice to give him all the palliative care, medical visits and free use of beds & necessities on loan etc.

That food you ate caught my eyes! The seared scallop!

Jaded Jeremy said...

How is that elderly man now? Hope he's better.

William said...

Still unsteady on his feet. Looks a bit bloated too. Lucky still alert.