Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Puppet's Party

Fish Paste Noodles

The closer we got to CNY, the worse traffic and parking I had to face at the OUG morning market. Quickly got what we needed and had breakfast at the newest noodle shop in the area. They only served Hakka noodles and YTF. Their noodles are quite good but the YTF is pretty expensive at MYR1.40 per piece. Mum was suffering from a lingering cough after her sore throat, so we went to Tai Onn Tong at Happy Garden to get a TCM consultation. The TCM practitioner checked her pulse and wrote up a long prescription. In addition to that, she limited my mum's diet to rice, pork and a limited choice of greens. Noticed two shops at the same row-- Zen & Co and Bacon & Balls. Will come back to try one of these days.

Yong Tau Fu

Herbal Prescription

Mum had a hair treatment appointment in the afternoon so I had lunch by myself. Boiled some Maggi instant noodles and matched that with leftover YTF from breakfast. Invited KH over for an 'afternoon delight'. Must admit that I wasn't feeling so energetic that day. My attempts at being the 'bottom on top' quickly winded me. I just let KH finish the job with him in control. But it was still fun because KH let me keep my Aussiebum jockstrap on the whole time. :D.

YTF & Instant Noodles

When mum got home, she started feeling a little feverish. After an early dinner, she slept and I went out to Janvier's birthday dinner at Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar, Atria Shopping Gallery. The place looked quite atas. We were given a private room with a dedicated waitress. The moment KH and I walked into the room, I gave a little shudder because the ceiling was lined with white lanterns. Such a funerary feel to it. The birthday boy and The Chief had already arrived together with JJ and Ban. Last to arrive was Khatijah. The menu was as cumbersome as hair colour palette. Mostly fusion stuff with pretty presentation. Khatijah, KH and I shared the President's Roll, Sanuki Udon, Wafu Spaghetti and Kushiyaki Moriawase.

White Lanterns

President's Roll

The roll is definitely worthy of a president with toro, foie gras, wagyu, crab and coated with chicken floss. Yes, chicken floss. Actually came to nearly MYR20 per slice. And the picture looked better due to the food make-up I guess. But it was a yummy giant maki. The Sanuki Udon had an interesting flavour because it was stir-fired with foie gras and dried chilies. And the their artisanal udon had a good texture. A whole flower crab was used in the Wafu Spaghetti and it was delicious too. The assorted skewers of grilled items was good too. My favourite was the crispy chicken skin and king mushroom!

Sanuki Udon

Kushiyaki Moriawase

Wafu Spaghetti

Halfway through the dinner, Lifebook made a surprise appearance. Just in time for the blueberry birthday cake. Left the restaurant after we fulfilled our camwhore quota. Forgot to ask the birthday boy to open his presents because Khatijah and I got him some pretty skanky underwear. LOL.


ernestlow said...

Bacon and balls! Haha ...

William said...

Ballsy name.

Twilight Man said...

This TCM at Happy Gardens is not cheap but good.
I have been going to the cheap TCM near Petaling Street for 15 years!

William said...

Consultation only MYR10, but the herbs ... lain cerita

Twilight Man said...

Mine is less than RM5 for any mixtures.

Twilight Man said...

Mine is less than RM5 for any mixtures.