Thursday, March 17, 2016

Monkeys & Mermaids


Monday's failure to secure movie tickets made me double my efforts on the second day of CNY. Scanned all nearby cinemas and found that my best bet was Nu Sentral! Found a suitable time slot and purchased 4 tickets for "Mermaid". Arrived with some time to spare so we walked around a bit. The CNY decorations there were a little different. There was a bell tower, a taiko drum (kept thinking there was a lion dance going on), a gazebo with giant ink brushes (looked more like brooms), a pavilion with a golden monkey and a lover's bridge. Before going into the hall, SK bought some keropok lekor from Leko-Leko. Saw some variations with black pepper sauce and cheesy-mayo. Abominations!

Maneki Neko

Surprisingly the latest movie from Stephen Chow was rather entertaining. Funny parts here and there with a 'decent' enough plot. But perhaps it was because I didn't have any expectations. The characters weren't annoying and the CGI was pretty good. When we exited the hall, we were famished. Kampung Kravers was located just outside the exit and they served roti jala (my brother was craving for it), so we ate there. Something new for me. They weren't bogged with customers but they were really slow in serving. However, when the roti jala arrived, I was impressed by the size of it, texture and taste. It was the biggest roti jala I ever saw, three pieces combined was nearly as big as a dhosai! It came in a set that was only MYR10, and that included coffee, curry chicken, and a chicken curry puff. Definitely a value set.

Roti Jala

In the evening, had dinner at Restoran Fei Wang before sending my brother to the airport. Things were a little busy at his new job, so he didn't stay in KL for long. Right after dropping him off at KLIA2, we headed to Mitsui Premium Outlet since it was only a few minutes away. Although operating at near capacity now, we didn't find much bargains. Zzz.

Crispy Skin Chicken


Kimono Peacock


Twilight Man said...

Wow! That Roti Jala was so well weaved like a lace table cloth.

I had never been inside Mitsui Premium Outlet until now. Will they ever have good bargains??

William said...

Yeah, its great roti jalan.
MPO - depends on your point of view I guess.

Derek said...

I want to try Kampung Kravers next time!