Thursday, March 31, 2016

Can't Go Wrong With Undies

Birthday Undies

Thanks Nicky05 for the belated Christmas and birthday presents! Can't go wrong with Private Structure underwear! XOXO.

P.S.: Have you taken part in my underwear survey? If you have not, click here!


Twilight Man said...

Wow! Orange like sunsets!

J-boy said...

I agree! I like to buy underwear as gifts even though they may come across as inappropriate if that person isn't your date/bf... Hahaha but they say stick to what you know best and I feel like I know underwear :P

ernestlow said...

The tricky bit is the sizing! How to estimate what size your best friend is down there??

William said...

I like bright colours!

It's the gay lou equivalent of buying chocolates for girls.

You only need to estimate the waist. :D