Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Asam Laksa Reunion


As usual, reunion dinner was a day of intense activity in the kitchen. By dinner time, we had the following dishes on the table:
  1. Stir-fried mixed vegetables
  2. Salmon sashimi
  3. Steamed pomfret
  4. Stir-fried prawns
  5. Sharks fin omelette
  6. Blanched free-range chicken
  7. Stewed duck
  8. Springrolls
  9. Fried threadfin
  10. Stewed pork with abalone
  11. Stewed pork with fish maw
  12. Lotus root soup
  13. Asahi beer

Dad Eats First


Stewed Duck

Blanched Chicken

Salmon Sashimi

As you can guess, we were very full after dinner and thank goodness I had no chores outstanding! Before we had sufficient time to digest our dinner, a neighbour called, telling us that a steaming pot of asam laksa was waiting for us! We walked over to her house hoping that the mild physical exertion would help with getting the food down. For the first time ever I had such a dish on reunion dinner night.

Mixed Vegetables

Sharks Fin Omelette

Steamed Pomfret


Happy walker said...

i come to see the bao yu, haha

J-boy said...

The abalones are so clean and pretty! Have this very strong urge to just poke them repeatedly at the center with my fingers and hear it go squish squish :3 :3

OK that's weird hahahaha :P

William said...

Happy jor after see?

Turning bisexual on me? :P

ernestlow said...

Happy belated new year to Simonlover and KH. Such friendly neighbours! Such a rarity these days ...

William said...

A cheerful old lady, one of my mum's jogging kakis

Jaded Jeremy said...

Wow! So much food. You can eat a lot ar :)