Thursday, March 31, 2016

Can't Go Wrong With Undies

Birthday Undies

Thanks Nicky05 for the belated Christmas and birthday presents! Can't go wrong with Private Structure underwear! XOXO.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

LRT Celebrities: SiMan Sheldon

I know it has been a while since I posted an LRT Celebrity. I've not been very productive lately. But I'll try my best to keep this alive. Today I present to you SiMan Sheldon. In the exaggerated beauty standards of the gei lou universe he might make the cut, but in my opinion he is yummy to many who like the studious, cina-boy look. Spotted him on the Ampang Line travelling towards Sentul Timur. So if this slender twink your up of Oolong tea?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Sad Story,Sex Story, Food Story

Southborough Scouts

In a blink of an eye, things can really change for the worse. That's how frail the human body is. An elderly man in BEC was struck down by ill health all of a sudden. Just a week before, I saw him at church, standing straight-backed as usual, cracking jokes with friends. A week after, he was shaking all over, looking confused and needed someone to support him. Turns out that he had malignant tumours in his brain, and they had finally grew to a stage where his brain function was impaired. Paid him a visit at his home in Taman Desa on Saturday. He was happy to receive us. His elderly wife and daughter took care of his daily needs. But its difficult on the old lady too as she is frail and has gout. Around the house were old photographs of days gone by, and happier, healthier times. Also memorabilia of his scouting days. In the following weeks, he would begin radiotherapy. Really hope that it would help. Nobody knows when disaster will strike, so we should not take our loved ones for granted, especially the elderly.

Ganbare!! Robocon

KH had tickets to a matinee show at KLPAC, so I had lunch with him before driving over to Sentul Timur. We ate at Koyaku, a japanese restaurant with a pop culture theme.  The place was decorated with pictures of heartthrobs from the 90s and popular anime characters like Astro Boy, Ganbare!! Robocon, and Gin Tama. They also use kokeshi dolls, old Japanese posters and corugated paper boxes as decorations. The restaurant also has many private rooms styled like little huts which happens to be its namesake. Food-wise, things were pretty positive. They have a fusion style with decent quality food at a fair price.

Gin Tama

Seared Scallop

Tuna Jaw & Radish Soup


Nigiri Sushi

Both of us didn't know what we were watching until we collected the tickets at the box office. Turned out to be "The Best of Tales from the Bedroom"- 12 selected scenes from their shows in the past two years. Memorable sketches include Datuk K and Siti khalwat, ah beng phone sex, kampung pillow talk, inter-racial sex and ancient Chinese bedroom drama. Wonder what the tudung-ed Malay girls in the audience were thinking about the skimpily-dressed Malay actresses in bed with muhrim. No wonder there was a minimum age of 16. The play ran longer than expected, so I was kinda rushed to get home and attend the next scheduled activity.


My colleague organized a potluck at Bukit Puchong. We had a weird mix of food-- fried glass noodles, KFC, nasi kerabu, fishballs, wine chicken and pizza. Also did a lou sang which my colleague bought from Hai Tian. It cost an obscene MYR98. Crazy. Hollered the usual auspicious sayings, but we burst into laughter when one colleague suddenly said:

"May all those who are unmarried get married this year!"

Food was followed by gambling. The host lost around MYR100 playing black jack with his guests. I didn't contribute to his losses. Before calling it a night, we lit a strand of red crackers at the front porch. Hopefully that would be auspicious start for all of us at work.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Monkey Meets MIL

Gold Coin Monkeys

The Tribe visited on the third day of CNY. Big Monster and Little Monster were in good spirits. Mum prepared a big lunch while the kids raided the CNY biscuits. My sister and SK gave Big Monster some piano lessons and as expected, Little Monster sulked at the loss of attention. Sindrom anak bongsu.

CNY Reunion 2

In the afternoon, SK and I visited KH. It was time to greet my MIL. Unlike past years, she was quite chatty and made small talk. She kept telling KH to serve us CNY goodies. Strange. Felt a little cautious at the sudden change. Usually she would claim to have a headache and hide out in her room. Don't know what to make of it really.

A Child's CNY

SK was craving for souffle again, so we made a trip to Wild Sheep Chase. We were twice blessed cause it was open and we managed to secure a table with any fuss. Vanilla was just too plain vanilla for SK, so she ordered the Oolong souffle. Judging from her feedback, she'd definitely go back in the near future. As luck would have it, Biolexus and his boyfriend were entertaining The Physicist (he was taller and broader of shoulder than I imagined) at the next table. Lucky to have been able to meet two new people.

CNY Coffee II

CNY Coffee I

CNY Souffle

CNY Coffee III

Did not chat longer with them because he had a dinner date with Gratitude at his Klang residence. He whipped up a bunch of dishes to celebrate festive season. It was nice to see his mum again. When dinner ended, we cleared away the plates and retreated to the living hall for some chit-chat. Halfway through Gratitude's story about his new Indonesian maid, we smelled smoke. Black fumes were coming out of the bathroom. Turns out that his maid had put a tea light too close to a bottle of shampoo and the heat had melted the bottle and set it on fire. An interesting way to end a dinner party. Haha.

Yet To Be Seated

Spicy Diced

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Monkeys & Mermaids


Monday's failure to secure movie tickets made me double my efforts on the second day of CNY. Scanned all nearby cinemas and found that my best bet was Nu Sentral! Found a suitable time slot and purchased 4 tickets for "Mermaid". Arrived with some time to spare so we walked around a bit. The CNY decorations there were a little different. There was a bell tower, a taiko drum (kept thinking there was a lion dance going on), a gazebo with giant ink brushes (looked more like brooms), a pavilion with a golden monkey and a lover's bridge. Before going into the hall, SK bought some keropok lekor from Leko-Leko. Saw some variations with black pepper sauce and cheesy-mayo. Abominations!

Maneki Neko

Surprisingly the latest movie from Stephen Chow was rather entertaining. Funny parts here and there with a 'decent' enough plot. But perhaps it was because I didn't have any expectations. The characters weren't annoying and the CGI was pretty good. When we exited the hall, we were famished. Kampung Kravers was located just outside the exit and they served roti jala (my brother was craving for it), so we ate there. Something new for me. They weren't bogged with customers but they were really slow in serving. However, when the roti jala arrived, I was impressed by the size of it, texture and taste. It was the biggest roti jala I ever saw, three pieces combined was nearly as big as a dhosai! It came in a set that was only MYR10, and that included coffee, curry chicken, and a chicken curry puff. Definitely a value set.

Roti Jala

In the evening, had dinner at Restoran Fei Wang before sending my brother to the airport. Things were a little busy at his new job, so he didn't stay in KL for long. Right after dropping him off at KLIA2, we headed to Mitsui Premium Outlet since it was only a few minutes away. Although operating at near capacity now, we didn't find much bargains. Zzz.

Crispy Skin Chicken


Kimono Peacock

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Movie Date

Date Night at the Movies

When you go out on a date, are GSC and TGV (or even MBO or Lotus) high on your list of places to go? Is going to the movies your idea of spending quality time together? I'm quite impartial to that activity. I think of it as two people watching the same movie in the dark. Once you walk out of the hall, you get to discuss the movie a little. Did you like it? Was the dialogue annoying? Were the effects amazing? Did you cry? Was it funny? Which scene did you find to be the coolest? But KH on the other hand, loves bringing me to the movies. When the lights go out, he goes into action. If he senses that I'm cold, he would rub my hands. He would give my hand a squeeze if a romantic scene appears. My nipple would get a tweak if he's feeling cheeky. Or he would put his hand on my lap or brush my arms just to make a connection. Sometimes when he doesn't understand what's going on, he would whisper in my ear. I wonder if he would administer a hand job or blow job if we get enough privacy. LOL. But after putting this in writing, I guess going to the movies together does have its merits. Just doing something together brings two people closer together.

P.S.: Time to try the love seat perhaps?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Year of the Monkey

Red Altar

A standard activity on the first day of CNY would be for my family members to wish each other and give out red packets. Once that's completed, we would head out to church in our new clothes for the special CNY mass. This year, we arrived a little late, so I was spared much of the manual labour of moving the mandarin oranges from the auxiliary building to the main church building. Phew. As usual, the church was decked out in red with a ceremonial ancestral tablet and other CNY-themed decorations. At the end, the priest would hand out red packets and mandarin oranges. We didn't stick around for the lion dance as cam-whoring was deemed more important. LOL.

CNY Offering

Mandarin Oranges

CNY Crowd

Red Packets

Arranged a meet-up with Apollo and his mum at One Utama (since we weren't sure which shops would be open, it was better to choose a place with a lot of choices to improve our odds). Lunched at Dontaku since it looked decent enough. The menu is a mixture of Japanese and Korean cuisine at fair prices. The decorations at One Utama were very colourful and cheerful. I would say rainbow-esque even. Did some shopping around the mall and found that most shops were open. Even with exodus, the mall was doing some brisk business.



Rainbow Lantern

Once we were done shopping, we sat down at Infusions for some coffee and pastry. Surprised that Parkson card members get a 20% discount there. While sipping coffee, mum received a call from her friend to attend a CNY party. Food, red crackers and lion dance. To add to the merriment, we got Apollo and his mum to come along and I asked KH to join too. When we arrived, they were busy hanging red crackers at the porch. I must add that her porch is three stories high with a newly-added sun-roof. While waiting for the lion dance troupe to arrive we helped ourselves to the food-- spicy chicken, radish soup, porkballs with dried oysters, stir-fried pork, and fried bihun, A very satisfying meal.


Key Lime Pie

The lion dance troupe arrived after 6:30 PM. We were told that it was gonna be a pair of drunken lions. Two strands of red crackers were set off at the front gate before they danced in. I was hoping that they would dance on the red crackers. Expecting too much I guess. Haha. The lions went right up to the altar on top floor and came down to dance some more. Another two striands of red crackers were set off at the side door. Then they started the drunken dance. Eight cans of beers, a pomelo, a deck of cards, and several mandarin oranges were arranged on the floor. I really wonder if the kids finished the eight cans of beer because they did throw out eight empty cans. By the end of the binge, they arranged the fruits and the cards to form a lucky number. For the finale, they lighted the last six strands or red crackers. The fumes were extremely choking. Just when I thought it had ended, they immediately fired up two boxes of night flowers. Amazing. An eventful night to start off the CNY season!

Monkey Year

Red Crackers!


Lion Dance

Lion Dance from William Ng on Vimeo.


Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Asam Laksa Reunion


As usual, reunion dinner was a day of intense activity in the kitchen. By dinner time, we had the following dishes on the table:
  1. Stir-fried mixed vegetables
  2. Salmon sashimi
  3. Steamed pomfret
  4. Stir-fried prawns
  5. Sharks fin omelette
  6. Blanched free-range chicken
  7. Stewed duck
  8. Springrolls
  9. Fried threadfin
  10. Stewed pork with abalone
  11. Stewed pork with fish maw
  12. Lotus root soup
  13. Asahi beer

Dad Eats First


Stewed Duck

Blanched Chicken

Salmon Sashimi

As you can guess, we were very full after dinner and thank goodness I had no chores outstanding! Before we had sufficient time to digest our dinner, a neighbour called, telling us that a steaming pot of asam laksa was waiting for us! We walked over to her house hoping that the mild physical exertion would help with getting the food down. For the first time ever I had such a dish on reunion dinner night.

Mixed Vegetables

Sharks Fin Omelette

Steamed Pomfret