Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Transitioning from Christmas


Been a while since mum and I ventured to Empire Shopping Gallery. Made a trip there after church for lunch and shopping. Showed mum the F&B choices there and she chose Canton-i. How the prices there have increased! MYR20-30 for rice and noodles with roast meat. When the waitress recommended the roast goose, I looked at the price and immediately shook my head. Halfway through my soup noodles, a family of three showed up and sat beside us. Their voices dominated half of the restaurant.

Hubby: Darling please la! Let me go to the doctor! I'm sick you know!

I have no idea why the wife wouldn't allow him to seek medical attention. But truthfully, he didn't sound sick with a booming voice like that.

Hubby: (speaking to the air) Goodness! How hard is it to make a cup of lemon tea?!

(waiter walks over to check then later brings the drink)

Wife: I think they forgot your order.

Hubby: Yeah la!!! Why didn't you follow up on it!? 

Fishball Noodles

They were so obnoxious that we quickly finished up and paid the bill. Did some shopping after that. Found a shirt that I liked from Esprit and mum found a suitable replacement ironing board. In the evening, we ate out as well. Looked around Supersave for some CNY decorations and to walk off some calories. The selection was quite overwhelming. All sorts of red trinkets high on bling. It was enough for us to start taking down the Christmas tree and put up the ang-ang stuff!

CNY Trinkets

Taking Down the Christmas Tree


Twilight Man said...

I love to dine at Canton-i but not when they showed me the bills. My face turned Canton Eyed!

William said...

Yeah lo, so mahal!