Friday, February 26, 2016



Spent most of Thaipusam replacement at home (even breakfast was bread and fig preserve at home). KH was out gallivanting with his colleagues in Klang, so I was left to my own devices. Used the time to continue spring cleaning my room. Mum made chicken porridge for lunch and we continued cleaning till mid-afternoon. SK suggested I take a break and brought me out for tea. She was hankering for soufflé, so I suggested Wild Sheep Chase. Got Wai to come along too (he was dressed like he was going out on CNY1). For some reason, Wai and I have bad juju with Wild Sheep Chase. It was the second time that we went there only to discover that it wasn't open. Thankfully, Wai knew all the alternatives in the vicinity. He suggested Snickerdoodles near Gay Residence. It was located in a new shop lot area that was really quiet. There were interesting paintings on the wall, but no indication of why its called Snickerdoodles (it's actually a type of cinnamon-sugar cookies). They actually used a wok cover as a lighting fixture, Saw Bailey's Milk Tea and immediately ordered that together with a slice of Opera. The waitress hardly gave a grunt of acknowledgement. She reminded me a little of Daria minus a working tongue. Could really taste the Bailey's, but none of the milk tea. The Opera sucked. SK went for a fried chicken waffle sandwich which actually tasted great. The chicken actually reminded me of KFC. The whole time we were there, no customers walked in. Wonder how long more can they survive.

Flower Girl


Fried Chicken Waffles

Bailey's Milk Tea & Opera

View from Seri Gembira Avenue

In the evening, had dinner at home. Tasted a yummy peanut brittle from Ming Yue Confectionery, Ipoh. Crispy and wafting with the aroma of freshly-toasted peanuts. Unfortunately, it's quite a hassle to purchase due to its low production volume (to preserve its quality perhaps), huge number of customers and purchase quota. Might actually take you an hour to clear the queue. Will ask my colleague to purchase more when he goes back to his hometown.

Peanut Brittle


Jaded Jeremy said...

" SK went for a fried chicken waffle sandwich which actually tasted great. " She's not supposed to eat fried food, right? That girl ar, haiz...

William said...

She really shouldn't, but she couldn't resist. LOL.