Monday, February 15, 2016

Market Celebrities: Red Robert

Made the first CNY market foray on the 9th of January. Due to the proximity to the festive season, all the Cina Babis from all around descended on OUG to make their preparations. The multi-level car park was full and people parked deeper into the residential area. Of course the traffic was also bad. Took me more than three rounds around the market to find a spot. Even with a bigger crowd, I didn't see many CNY-specific items. No firecrackers and smuggled liquor. Not many stalls selling biscuits and snacks. Just one stall selling decorations. Don't think it was in full-swing yet, but the CNY weather had started with a scorching sun. In the market throng, I was lucky enough to tail a hunky fellow in red (auspicious colour). He had a wide back and wavy hair, a masculine jaw with slitty eyes. I shall call him Red Robert.

Banh Mi

For breakfast, mum and I tried a new stall just outside Restoran Ong Lay. It was run by two Vietnamese ladies. I ordered their pork noodles and bahn mi (fried egg, minced pork and ham). The soup was made from good stock, but I didn't quite like the bread. The spread they used was too sweet and the bread was too soft. A good bahn mi has a crispy shell.

Pork Noodles

Went to Sri Petaling after that. Stopped at the pharmacy to fill some prescriptions. Bumped into a gay lou who was asking a pharmacist about Androguard. When he quoted his IC for membership purposed it revealed that he is four years younger than me. Wow, I'm overdue to take some. Mum made a lunch of red rice wine vermicelli. Super yummy.

Red Wine Residual Rice Vermicelli

Right after lunch, she went out to get her hair permed. Too bad KH couldn't come over to give me some lovin' cause he was passed out at home after a rigorous hike in the morning. Spent the lonely afternoon watching American Horror Story. When mum got home, she dug out a can of Nippon paint and we started painting some walls. Polished off the remaining red rice wine chicken for dinner, but had it with rice instead.


Red Wine Residual Rice Vermicelli


Twilight Man said...

Wow! The slides on Red Robert is so happening. He looks tough!

William said...

This is what happens when I take a whole set of not-so-good spy pics

Derek said...

Hehe too bad can't see the face

William said...

Hard enough to stalk him in a crowded wet market haha