Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Guīlínggāo Sunday

CNY Shopping Spree

Woke up kinda horny on Sunday morning, but of course KH wasn't around to settle that. Did my morning stretches and got dressed for church. Mum had another massage scheduled after lunch so we ventured into Kepong again. Had a quick lunch at a kopitiam and I ventured to Aeon Big while waiting for mum to finish her session. Owing to how close CNY was, the place was milling with customers. I walked in to find most Chinese customers pushing a cart full of packet drinks, carbonated drinks and beer. Mandarin oranges and other food stuffs didn't seem to be selling that well. I thought that I would buy something too but after looking at the obscene queues at the checkout counters, I gave up the notion. Picked Kwong Woh Tong as my lepak zone for the afternoon. Enjoyed a bowl of guīlínggāo (minus the turtle) while watching people push drinks-laden shopping carts back to their vehicles. Fell asleep when I got home. By the time I got up it was time for dinner at MaisonSK.


Brian brought a new 'friend' to dinner. His name was Pierre. Noticed that Pierre had a distinct accent. Turns out he was from Hong Kong and was in KL for some sort of placement in UM. Pierre enjoyed SK's cooking of stewed pork tendon, pan-fried pork neck, fried egg in rice wine, stir-fried french beans and lotus root soup. Pierre wants to see the world, but his long term plans are to settle in Japan. Seems that Brian doesn't have a chance with this one. But it definitely won't stop them from having some fun.

Pork Neck Meat

Steamed Prawns with Tofu


untold stories said...

Why minus the turtle?

ernestlow said...

Haha, without the turtle shell, it is not gui ling gao, just herbal jelly. It will not remove the acne!

thompsonboy said...

everyone wants to see the world these days

Jaded Jeremy said...

Crazy crowd @@

Better luck for Brian next time!

William said...

Because they are not the real deal

There used to be HK's Hoi Tin Tong in KL. All closed down.

You sudah tengok.

Buy, buy, buy!

Derek said...

Interesting chat we had with Pierre!