Sunday, February 28, 2016

Celebrating Our Nine


KH & I marked our nine years together on the 28th of January, however the celebration only took place one day later on a Friday. We decided that it would be better since there wouldn't be an upcoming work day to put a damper on things. Bright and early in the morning, we took the train out to the city center. Took a leisurely walk to Feeka and by the time we got there, KH was sweating already. Turns out that the kitchen doesn't open until an hour later so we left. Our breakfast venue was Restoran Kam Fatt at Tengkat Tongshin. Noodles and kopi. After eating, we went back to the cafe for our second shot of coffee and slice pineapple-ginger cake (I didn't like it at all, no sir). Sipped our coffee and had morning small talk. At a nearby table, a lone woman in exercise gear was crying her eyes out, streaming some makeup down her cheeks. Earlier on she was on the phone with her girlfriend, pouring her heart out.

Coffee and Cake

At 11:00AM, we left the cafe to catch a movie at The Pavilion. KH gave me a choice of "Ola Bola", "The Boy" and "No Longer Heroine". Hmmm. Local feel good production vs horror vs Japanese rom-com. Guess it's appropriate to watch a rom-com when celebrating one's anniversary. The movie is actually based on the manga series "Hiroin Shikkaku" by Momoko Koda. I think they did a good job of translating the manga and even literally importing the special effects from the drawings to the screen. I think the female antagonist did quite well to act out the exaggerated emotional outbursts. Didn't feel annoying at all. Good laughs along the way and there were two male actors to provide eye candy. But of course the plot was a bit wishy-washy with a whole lot of A love B, B don't love A, C comes into the picture, C loves A, etc.

Walked out of the cinema with our tummies rumbling. KH chose to eat at Quivo which turned out to be a winner. Our waiter was excellent and the food was good too. KH took Foursquare's recommendation of risotto while I ordered the falafel trio. I am not fond of risotto because it usually turns out too creamy, but Quivo made a version that I liked. It came in hot plate which gave the grains a fantastic beras terbakar flavour. My dish was a trio of falafel sliders which was yummy too.

Falafel Sliders

CNY was coming soon, so KH wanted to get some new slacks. Went to Parkson to try out some. They have lovely changing rooms there where the boyfriend could slip in to kiss and cop a feel. I love Parkson. Went to Milkcow after that since they were having a ten scoops for RM10 promotion going on (called the Ballsy Day). Didn't like it. The flavours were all scooped up in advance and put into a chiller. When we got it, it was already melting. Of the ten flavours, I only liked chocolate. The black sesame practically launched me into a coughing fit.


We took a slow walk to Federal Hotel, making a short stop at Fahrenheit 88. The construction of the MRT really turned the whole area topsy-turvy. I don't think it's very comfortable for pedestrians. Would seem kinda dangerous, especially when its dark out. Arrived at Kaihomaru greeted by two creepy golden moneys in front of Federal Hotel. The place was deserted except for a Japanese couple seated at the counter enjoying a bottle of Japanese whiskey. The Pinoy waitress that greeted us was hopeless.

Three Monkeys

X-Files Monkey

KH: What's in the sushi tokujyo?

Waitress: A bunch of this stuff and some of that round stuff.

Moi: Maki? 

Waitress: Oh yeah, maki.

Obviously we didn't bother to ask her the variety of fish. She was only good for ordering beer. When the edamame came, I found a strand of soba in it. When they poured me green tea, I was sprayed in the face. And they served the grilled fish upside down. How terrible. Luckily the food was still good. When we paid our bill, we got another shock-- the price in the menu was not updated. They really should get their act together. Zzz... With that we ended our day-long celebration. Muacks baby!

Jyo Sushi Moriawase



soul232 said...

Yes, we love the changing room in Parkson as well LOLOL very very spacious and long mirror :P

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that an anniversary celebration should be at a short romantic gateway somewhere at a nice resort....and should definitely include anniversary SEX!!!!

William said...


That would be ideal, but we don't mind postponing things to our next long trip together. :D

untold stories said...

Congratulations to you and KH! Nine years is such a long time. Both of you are so blessed with each other! And I am sure many have said this to you: "I wish i could be like you guys too" lol

Derek said...

Happy anniversary dear! It was a simple and nice celebration. Muacks!

ernestlow said...

Happy anniversary to wills and derek - isn't it wonderful that you both found each other among the sea of people out there? Looking forward to your 19th anniversary, 29th anniversary, 39th anniversary, 49th anniversary and many more to come ...


William said...

Thanks! Not many have said that us. :P

Muacks! Enjoyed it too without mangzang-mangzang lol

Thanks! KH is a great fisherman :P

Jaded Jeremy said...

Happy 9th anniversary! No mangzang is always good :)

Twilight Man said...

Happy Anniversary to Mr & Mrs Derek.

William said...

No mangzang is a miracle :P

Thanks Twi!

Yours Queerly said...

Happy anniversary! You two are like my #lifegoals! T-T

Anonymous said...

Happy 9th Year Anniversary! Hope you have many many more years together! :-)