Wednesday, January 13, 2016

VCR Repeat


On Tuesday morning, KH and I went to VCR Cafe again. Tried the smoke hamachi for breakfast. Downright uncommon if you ask me. We spent the morning sipping coffee and sharing a black velvet cake.

Smoked Hamachi

Yolk Waterfall

Black Velvet

Flat White

The Back

And like last week, we went to The Pavilion for lunch. Ichi Zen is KH's favourite restaurant there, so that's where we went. I was so hungry that I bit off the tip of my plastic chopstick. Happened while I was trying to get a bite of the salmon ozisushi. The crack was so loud that girls sitting beside us looked over. I thought I had chipped a tooth, but seems that my incisor is tougher.

Pressed Sushi

Then we made a trip to Fahrenheit 88 to look at their Christmas decorations. More animatronics with a large Ferris wheel and a mini carousel. And their idea of baby Jesus is an elf kicking its legs in the air.

Ferris Wheel

Kicking Baby

Did more last minute Christmas shopping and finally rested for some gelato at Gelatomio. Used the last of my 'useful' HSBC vouchers.

Double Scoop


SK visited me after dinner so I broke out a bottle of makgeolli and some roasted peanuts. In the middle of the night I woke up feeling nauseous and wondered if it was the drink (I avoid makgeolli because of the association with that bout of illness). The whole episode lasted till morning. My whole stomach was bloated. Felt miserable. Went to see the doctor and he declared that I had indigestion. As the day went by, I started getting feverish. Just slept a whole lot. Sipping warm water did seem to help to settle the feeling of queasiness deep inside me. As the days went by, it started to feel like a viral fever-- lingering fevers, skin sensitivity, lethargy and flu. The end of the year is the perfect time to get sick huh?


Twilight Man said...

The Christmas decorations are unique and great!

William said...

No lack of creativity when it comes to Xmas and CNY