Monday, January 25, 2016

Regia Christmas & KH with Kids

Giant Lingzi

Boxing Day saw me at the wet market. Once in a while, something interesting pops up like the giant lingzhi displayed by a Chinese medicine vendor. As usual had my favourite soup noodles but spiced it up a bit with curry chicken legs.

Curry Chicken Legs

Lazed away the whole afternoon and in the evening attended a Christmas party hosted by Janvier and The Chief. Like past years, there were several factions of party guests-- BFF (DanielH was missing this year cause he relocated to Manila), TTDI-ans and The Chief's family. The BFF were represented by KH and I, BeautifulMale, JJ, Bunny and SK. It was a potluck and as usual the hosts prepared roast turkey (perfect Christmas feel) and curry chicken (perfect Malaysiana feel). Food was great but the drinks stole the limelight. Janvier uncorked bottle after bottle of sweet-ish red that quickly made BeautifulMale tipsy. And when the vodka-infused watermelon was unveiled, we went crazy. For some reason, our conversation with Bunny that night revolved around full-time YouTubers and how they make their money. For the gift exchange, a got a Dilbert book to add to my collection.

Vodka-Infused Watermelon


The next day, mum had a massage appointment after mass. On top of that, sis left the kids with us, so I had to babysit. KH was nice enough to help me (he came all the way to Kepong XOXO). I holed them up in Nelson Tan Cafe which had a whole bunch of toys that they could play with. Fed them a large plate of spaghetti carbonara with sausages. The kids were familiar with KH which made things much easier. Even the little one didn't mind KH bringing him to the loo. Must admit that I did that on purpose and KH passed with flyng colours. Time passed quickly with his help and he didn't seem agitated with the task. Guess it's a glimpse of a possible future if we were to have kids. LOL.


Jaded Jeremy said...

Kids! Too messy for me :P

A Law said...

Nice way of spending time with hubby!

William said...

Once a year training not enough :P

Very different Haha

Twilight Man said...

So he passed the toilet training!

William said...

Yes, he did!

Derek said...

Oooh it was a test!