Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Monorail Celebrities: Floral Flynn

Floral Flynn

Train: Monorail

Station: Hang Tuah

Direction: Titiwangsa

Spotted Floral Flynn on my way to work one morning. The Kelana Jaya Line experienced a meltdown, so my colleague and I doubled back to the Ampang Line and interchanged to the Monorail at Hang Tuah. As you can see, he's very easy to spot in that loud printed T. It highlights his fair skin. Judging by his arms (the muscles and the veins), Flynn definitely works out. Keep an eye out for him if you're ever on the Monorail.


untold stories said...

but the fingernails...

William said...

LOL. I never noticed (not ideal for fingering hor?). Find any grime under there?

the viennamese said...

Not bad. I could bite those arms.

William said...

Must taste like chicken. Skin as fair as your's.

Twilight Man said...

When my arms start showing veins, I will buy that floral wear.
Stay tuned.

William said...

I'll wait for the veins.