Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Midvalley Madness & Tangyuan Time

Oriental Christmas

Right after mass, I brought mum to Midvalley Megamall to look at the Christmas decorations. I wasn't daunted by the red lights on the parking board. I summarily ignore it and made for parking zone B. What a mistake that was. I wasn't prepared for the basement bedlam. Took me forty minutes to get a parking space after inching my way up and down for many iterations. Nearly went mad and I was still feeling a bit sick. But the Christmas decorations at The Gardens Mall was quite rewarding. Very colourful and oriental. Wonder if they will retain it up till Chinese New Year. Ate a light lunch at Hokkaido Ichiba.

Queen of Blocks


For winter solstice reunion 2015, mum wasn't in the mood to slave in the kitchen because for the whole month, she had been pulling her hair out taking of the monsters day and night. It's the same year in, year out because its the busy period for my BIL's business. So, she set a budget and asked me to organize a dinner for family and close friends. Dear KH was an immense help in researching a suitable place. In terms of location and price, The Eatery at Four Points by Sheraton, Bandar Putri Puchong was ideal. We were joined by KH (goes without saying), Apollo, Apollo's mum, KT, KT's baby girl and KT's younger sister who happened to be in town. Gratitude and his mum arrived late cause of car troubles (when he arrived, he came with a bottle of red and bak zhang!). Unfortunately, SK didn't turn up due to a previous engagement in Sekinchan. The buffet spread at the The Eatery wasn't very impressive really, but for the price we were paying, I guess its fair. My favourite dish was the cream of seafood soup. Really chock full of prawns, fish and mussels. And amazingly they make a good golden custard bun. It was nice catching up with the gang.

Tang Yuan

Tuesday was the exact day for winter solstice and mum didn't ignore it although we had supposedly celebrated on Sunday. She made tangyuan with ginger soup and prepared a big dinner (blanched chicken, chili-salt prawns, grilled pork neck, enoki pork slice wrap, fried fish, radish soup). Although we had unexpected guests of BIL's siblings, there was enough to go around. SK and Lifebook were also invited. SK brought tangyuan too, but the savoury kind. Although I was still sick, luckily I had my appetite! So it turned out to be a huge reunion after all. So much for not slaving in the kitchen.

Enoki Wrap



Twilight Man said...

Nice gatherings.

William said...


A Law said...

The enoki wrap looks very scrumptious! what's in it?

William said...

Enoki mushrooms wrapped with sliced pork

Derek said...

Glad I was invited! Hehe

William said...

You're family ma :D