Friday, January 01, 2016

Last Cousin To Get Hitched

Note: A bit of a rewind. I seem to have gotten all my posts mixed up. Ugh.

Double Rainbow

The last quarter of 2015 was really the peak season for weddings. My paternal uncle's youngest son got married on the first week of November. He is the same age as me. The wedding banquet was on the 7th, so we postponed our All Soul's Day visit to that weekend. The whole family traveled north in my sister's Serena. Reached Teluk Intan around noon and checked into the home stay that I booked on AirBnB. A new house with loads of rooms and beds, but lacking in cable TV and WIFI. However, the kids were thrilled and wasted no time in sprinting upstairs to have dibs on the rooms. Had a quick lunch at Ah Chai Bak Kut Teh, a famous BKT shop in the area. The owner has a Nissan FairLady parked out front and a picture of him receiving a P.M.P. from the Sultan of Perak. Not exactly a common sight. Regardless how famous the shop is, I didn't like the BKT. The soup was not to my liking, but the other dishes were good. Do try their stir-fried shark dish. Yummy.

Main Table

Went to my paternal aunt's house after that. Received some surprising updates that another two of my cousin brothers had divorced. Bad statistics. To get ready for the wedding banquet at Restoran Tai Chong, mum and sis visited a nearby hair salon. It rained quite heavily during dinner time. Met many relatives whose relationship to me is not very clear. Even my mother wasn't very sure. Guess that's why I am not very good with faces, I got it from my mum! LOL. My cousin did a very awkward thing by seating his colleague next to my brother and tried to match-make them. Gosh. Think my brother was pissed. Food was the usual fare and we were entertained by guests who had the KTV bug. Typical small town scenario. Didn't go straight home after the dinner. Lepak-ed at my aunt's place for a while.


The next morning, we visited dad's grave and attended morning mass. So surprised that the the priest does back-to-back masses on Sunday morning. His sermon was basically about service to the church. Seems to be a sore point in his parish about finding people to fill positions in ministries and how calculative they are when it comes to volunteering. Had breakfast at Jalan Maharani after that. Got my CCF and nasi kunyit fix. BIL ordered a super spicy mala pan mee that lost none of its kick even after several washings in clear soup. Then we went to visit my mum's younger brother and stopped at a neighbourhood biscuit shop. Rained very heavily in the afternoon, all the way from Hilir Perak to KL. Seems to happen every time I drive!

Nasi Kunyit

Liew Kee CCF


Chin Lian Hoe


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