Friday, January 15, 2016

Kahwin Kajang


After attending the bride's side of the wedding, it was time to go for the groom's side. At 10:00 AM, mum, Little Monster and I made our way to my cousin's house in Semenyih. The forty minute drive brought me to an unfamiliar part of town. Paid three tolls. When I exited the last toll, we were greeted with palm oil plantations and the new township of Eco Hills. I was wondering if there was a petrol station there as I was running empty. But Waze told me that I had not arrived at my destination. Went deeper in to a place near Rinching. It was an older township. Had to make a detour because there were two roads with the same name in the area. WTF. Even the caterer got lost. The happy couple was estimated to arrive at about 1:00 PM from Karak, so I had two hours to kill. Spent most of the time making small talk with some of mum's relatives and fiddling on my phone. Mobile coverage there was spotty so we asked for the WiFi password. The password was made up of both the bride and groom's names, lucky numbers and the name of the town. Password strength: SUPER STRONG.

Bridal Slippers

When the bride and groom arrived, the first order of business was to pray at the altar. Then they had the tea ceremony. Since none of the elders were eloquent, they got the groom's younger brother to stand in as the tai gam jie. Hilarious. Next up was bridal chamber ceremony. Being the youngest boy in the whole house, they got Little Monster to punch through the spittoon. However, he had 'stage fright', so I had to help him. Truth be told, the paper they used was way too sturdy for a kid to punch through! Next, they coaxed him to jump on the bed. Once again, he was too scared and shy to do it. Funny that when its sanctioned, he refuses to do it. With all that out of the way, we went downstairs to have lunch. Food was quite good.

Tea Ceremony

Wedding Bed

Didn't linger too long as there a wedding banquet in the evening scheduled at 6:00 PM. The hosts thought that by setting it earlier, the guests would actually arrive on time. Well, it backfired. The dinner only started 2.5 hours later (the KL average is 1.5 hours). Most of the VIP guests had a hard time finding Melia Seasons Restaurant in Kajang Prima and the heavy rain made things worse. Luckily they had cupcakes and chocolates to feed the hungry horde. Once again, food quality was inconsistent. Think my table had the most leftovers. Mum mingled with her relatives. They were all quite tightly-knit because the extended family is not large. That ends the wedding run for 2015!

Balloon Lovers



i likes the red slippers

soul232 said...

I know where's that restaurant since it's close to his place LOL

ernestlow said...

Golly, why must punch through the spittoon and jump on the bed? is it symbolic?

William said...

Can get one pair for own use :D

Who who who?

For lots of future babies!

Twilight Man said...

Wow! I love all the red and bright wedding stuffs.
Someday I should open such shops as people get married daily.

William said...

Its a crowded market.