Monday, January 18, 2016


After School Special

Note: A topic triggered by Nicky.

I don't remember when I started having dis, but I think it was some time in 2008. For some reason, some people look up to me as their gor. I had a whole collection so to say. Not that I was collecting, but I somehow managed to get a following of sorts. First and foremost was Joe. He identified himself as the President of My Di Association. Then there was Kenzon who got me acquainted with Rich who was his boyfriend. There was also Chester and Jase. With Jase, there was a connection to KT my mei and PluBoy. Did I leave anyone out?

But I really wonder what that means to be someone's gor. How big of an did impact did we make in each other's lives? Did I dispense sagely advice? Was I their rock in a tumultuous sea of gay drama? Was I always there for them? Did they look to me for direction in life? Was I someone for them to manja with? Or was it just a taken social connection just for the heck of it? Today, my dis have all grown up, have their own careers, found love, lost love and formed their own cliques. Some drifted away, some pushed me away.

Whatever it was, the crossing of our paths did bring some good I guess. Although that connection is much faded now, it did help us grow our circle back then. And the ripples from those early connections still reverberate in our social circles today.  


Jaded Jeremy said...

Where is the dilemma?

William said...

Should use "Distance" instead

Twilight Man said...

You left me out every year. Sad!

William said...

I'm definitely not qualified to be your gor.

zerachiel said...

for me, i usually call you "bro" because, entah, maybe due to respect coz you're older than me, and of course as a brotherly figure,and also you've given me plenty of advice before, hehehe...

neway, biler nak jumpa ? :D