Sunday, January 10, 2016

Crystalline Christmas

Crystal Christmas

On Monday morning, bundled the kids out to The Pavilion to absorb the Christmas atmosphere. Mum and kids loved it and we took lots of photos. SK also joined us there. For our mid-day meal, we ate at Food Republic. Been a while since I joined the lunch time crowd there. Back when I was working nearby, I used to order the lotus root soup set from Ah Yip's Nourishing Soups a couple of times a week. Amazingly, the price increased from MYR10.50 to MYR17.80 in just a span of a few years! And the Toastbox counter is still enjoying brisk business after all these years. Unfortunately, their throughput seems to have dropped. Huge queue there. Also ordered a plate of oyster omelette and kimchi soup which added up the bill to more than MYR50. So much for having a cheap and quick meal at the food court. Haha. Mum had a fruitful shopping spree at Parkson and Ms. Read which is good. At least she got some new clothes. Truth be told, its no simple task. With all the upcoming weddings, she was looking for multiple new outfits. Rested our tired feet at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf where we sipped coffee and munched on some food. Big Monster requested for a skinny pizza (surprised that a personal pizza only costs RM12.50) while Little Monster wanted chocolate cake. By the end of that shopping trip, we were all pooped!

Nutcracker & Bears

Christmas Train

Crystal Christmas Tree

Oyster Omelette


Derek said...

Ohh, your post has caught up a lot! Hehe

A Law said...

Food in Pavilion is by no means cheap, i can hear my wallet yelling ouch last time i went there.

Sarcastic comment from the hubby? lol...

William said...

Yes la. Rajin post.

Should be cheaper than the restaurants. Semi-sarcastic comment from hubby.