Friday, January 22, 2016

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas

Since I had six days of annual leave to clear by the end of 2015, I took Christmas eve off. Spent time with the kids. KH wasn't working as well and he came over with a Christmas present from KT. The kids pester me about about opening the gifts under their Christmas tree every single day, so I let them have a go at KT's present. They were ecstatic. Inside was numerous imported candies, biscuits, chocolates and minced pies. Their favourite was the chocolate eggs.

Chocolate Eggs

In the evening, the kids followed us to Christmas vigil mass which had a cantata and a small nativity play. Surprisingly, they were quite well-behaved. Perhaps it was the periodic Koko Krunch feedings that I gave them. Had a late dinner at Carbon Brasa, Puchong Jaya. The pasta and French toast was compatible with the kids. Before going home, we stopped by at Donutes to get some bread. Of all days, it turned out to be their member's day. Only one cashier was open and the queue snaked around the bakery. Best thing was, they had seven staff manning the counter which made it look like an assembly line. Waited twenty minutes before it was my turn. All that fuss for just 5% off, not even enough to negate the GST. What a mang zang way to spend Christmas eve!

Xmas Tree


Xmas Pasta

On Christmas morning, the kids woke up bright and early. They brushed their teeth and washed their faces before coming down for breakfast. Their parents had also turned up so we began the opening of gifts. They were so happy. The living room turned into Christmas present graveyard. The kids gave me a towel. Practical.

Xmas Presents

In the afternoon, mum and I went Sunway Pyramid for some shopping. Who would have thought it would be worse than my recent experience at The Gardens. Spent a total of eighty minutes jamming in from LDP and finding a parking space. Nearly went nuts. The Christmas decorations were quite a disappointment. An underwater Christmas. Looked quite drab in my opinion. Namor would have had a fit. Late lunch was at Paradise Inn. Similar price and taste with Pu Tien but much bigger portions. Tried the spinach in superior soup, dongpo meat in lotus bun (ordered this after all three appetizers that I chose were unavailable) and stewed chicken with mushrooms. Thumbs up for all of them. Shopped and shopped and shopped after that. My suffering was rewarded by mum being able to find some items that she liked. After all my years of experience, I roughly know which shops to avoid and which shops hold potential.

Xmas Under The Sea

Braised Chicken

Spinach Soup

KH came over in the evening with Sharky in tow. They wanted dinner so I brought them to Ipoh Home Cuisine at Taman Equine. Truth be told, I don't know what's Ipoh about that place. Half dai chow, half western dishes. Ordered a wat tan hor and found it quite good. Next was coffee and rum cake at Piccolo Cafe a few doors away. But we didn't stay long because halfway through, Sharky FFK-ed us. A very common occurrence with that fella. You owe us coffee!!!

Wat Tan Hor

Rum Cake


Derek said...

Dear always bring mum shopping and walk a lot! ;-)

William said...

You need to bring your mum to shop more!