Thursday, January 28, 2016


The Number Nine

Today marks the 9th year KH and I joined our hearts together.

From not knowing much about each other we learned how to read each other's moods.

From being insecure and jealous we became trusting.

From being a single entity we started sharing all we had.

From just the two of us we surrounded ourselves with caring friends.

From cuti-cuti Malaysia we explored the world together.

From sugar-coated sex to graduated to something more primal.

From an LDR we progressed to living in the same city.

From the background, KH slowly eased to the foreground of my family life.

From boyfriends we progressed to hubbies (nearly got married!). 

I love you baby.


Twilight Man said...

Aawww sweet poem! Coated with honey and sugar. More primal???

Janvier said...

As in, less lube more raw?!

thompsonboy said...

abit time to move in together.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Happy anniversary! :)

ernestlow said...

Congrats! May there be many more anniversaries to come!!

Anonymous said...

"slowly eased to the foreground of my family life"

What about you being accepted by KH's family? You hardly talk about spending time with his family?
Do they accept you as being suitable for him....? Do they like you? I'm sure your family have already accepted KH and would probably be happy when you guys get married but what about KH's family?

It would be nice if both sides of the family can accept your Union. God bless.

zerachiel said...

happy anniversary to you both <3

may there be more love and memorable moments as you age gracefully together :)

Jino said...

happy anniversary~

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

William said...

@Twi: @JJ: @Ernest: @Zerach: @Jino:


KH said the same thing.

Not making much progress with my in-laws.

Derek said...

Muacks! I love you!

William said...