Monday, December 28, 2015

Sinful Celebration

Celebratory Lunch

One week after my blood test, I collected the results from the clinic. The doctor was very surprised with the results. According to her, my response to the medication was much better than expected. Her target for me was just a 30% drop in bad cholesterol, but my results showed a more than 50% drop to healthy levels. She declared that it was good news and that I should continue whatever I was doing (not exercising and eating like crazy?). Could also consider halving my dosage since my cholesterol level was pretty low. Celebrated with a big plate of chicken rice + roast duck + roast pork at Taman United. Since the uncle was closing shop, he gave us a huge portion for just RM15.


Twilight Man said...

So your cholesterol has dropped.
You must thank Derek for this.

zerachiel said...

making love is a good workout,so do often with your sweetheart, lol !! XD

Derek said...

Good news lo. Still must control your diet ok? Muacks

William said...

Why thank Derek le?

Sex doesn't burn that much calories. A better workout for Derek. :P

Yes baby