Tuesday, December 08, 2015

In Tater's Town IV: Thanks Tater


Dean & DeLuca is a favourite of Savante and Legolas. Always wondered what was so great about it. As luck would have it, Tater brought us to breakfast there on Tuesday morning. The flagship store at MahaNakhon Cube had pretty good business on a work day morning. Most of the customers were ladies of leisure and some in work clothes with no apparent hurry to get into the office. The interior was true to its upscale label with a grocery store that reminded me of Harrod's. My choice of breakfast was a brioche with sausage and duck egg. Quite good but my only complaint was the super salty sauce. Ahi Tuna dusted with espresso was KH's unconventional choice and Tater went for something very American, a stack of waffles. We lingered at D&D till the lunch crowd streamed in. The couple who sat at the table next to us had a ravenous appetite. Between the two of them, they ordered three mains and a large slice of pizza. Yikes. The duty manager caught Tater's eye with his bright and toothy smile. Perhaps he will come back in the near future for a special order. Haha. Browsed the shelves for a while and marveled at the pretty packaging of the products.

Espresso Ahi Tuna

Stack of Waffles

KH had not given up on finding his trail shoes, so we went to Silom Complex for a while. It was a fruitless search really. In the end, we went to After You for dessert and coffee. Like the outlet in Siam Paragon, it had a long queue. To handle the volume, they even implemented a numbering system at the entrance. Although it was a work day, we had to wait till 4:00 PM to get a table. Crazy really. Based on the recommendations on Foursquare, we ordered the Shibuya Honey Toast, Earl Grey-Lychee iced tea and a couple of coffees. Truth be told, I don't see why they enjoy such overwhelming support. Tater mistakenly drank my cup of syrup for the iced tea although he earlier on declared that he would not make that mistake. Surprised that he swallowed it. Guess that means he swallows. LOL. But that won't make him sweeter than he already is.



Shibuya Honey Toast

In the evening, we packed our bags as Tater would be flying back to attend a good friend's wedding in the States (he's the best man). His flight was near midnight so we had dinner together first. Lek Seafood was our choice for the night. Seemed like a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. A simple dinner of stir-fried broccoli, deep-fried pork ribs, grilled fish and mango sticky rice. Reasonable price and yummy.


TubTim Fish

Pork Ribs

Mango Sticky Rice

We checked into Center Point Silom that night and were given a room on the 8th floor. I had stayed there years and years ago for work assignments. The room was large with a kitchenette and washing machine. KH even complained that it felt like such a long walk from the bed to the toilet. I played the dutiful husband and ironed all his shirts and slacks.



KH saved his energy that night to have a skank session with me in the morning. After sex, we went down for a quick breakfast as he had a seminar to attend. Met many of the participants at the cafe all dressed up and ready to go. Seems he was the only one in a relaxed mode. LOL. The food wasn't particularly good so we went back up. He got dressed and I kissed him goodbye.

Saltwater Pool

I didn't dally since I had a flight to catch at noon. The taxi ride to Don Mueng took only 35 minutes. Did some reading with a pineapple smoothie in hand. Spotted some cuties, but I didn't get to document all of them. So endeth my BKK trip!

Don Mueng



Twilight Man said...

I thought you are always the dutiful wifey!
The hotel is so big!

William said...

He's bad at ironing

Derek said...

Still remember why you lou gai on the last night hehe

William said...

Don't repeat it :(