Saturday, December 05, 2015

In Tater's Town III: Shop Till Massage

Wantan Noodles

On Monday morning, both Tater and KH donned their skanky pants (running tights) and headed to Lumphini Park for a jog. Being the lazy pig I am, I stayed in bed. When they got home, KH and I went out for a local breakfast while Tater stayed home to have hamster food and milk. After so many years in the SEA region, I would have thought that his stomach adjusted to rice and noodles in the morning. Hehe. Just down the street was a small food court with quite a good selection. I ordered a bowl of wantan noodles and KH went for the soup noodles with duck meat. Hot and hearty. Got a couple lattes at Alex Coffee before heading back up.

Duck Noodles

Tree in Cafe

Arranged to have lunch with SK at Siam Paragon. Believe it or not, we went back to Hokkai-Don just for the chutoro sashimi!!! Ordered four portions and moved on to MAiSEN for some katsu. Definitely go for the premium meat. The shrimp katsu sandwich is quite good too. One small thing though, their cabbage salad ain't no where as good as Saboten.

Chutoro X 4


Shrimp Sandwich

With our bellies filled, we walked over to Siam Center. Such an arty-farty place. Good place for photography though. Passed through that and reached Central World. Currently they were having a "A Trip to Jeremyville" exhibition by Australian artist Jeremyville. Interesting illustrations and graphics. Went through all those malls just as a shortcut to Platinum Mall.




Side Profile

SK did short work of Platinum Mall, combing through both buildings in record time. She shopped for a luggage bag and got a whole bunch of T-shirts and underwear as souvenirs. Next was grocery shopping at Big C (mango Pocky anyone?). The supermarket caters to tourists buying in bulk by providing packing stations after the checkout. Amazing. We filled her luggage bag to the brim and shoved that into the back of the cab.


Back at home, KH quickly made a call to Perception to book a blind massage for four. A new experience for me. During registration, we were given the profiles of the masseurs to choose from and we would highlight areas to focus on or avoid. When we went upstairs to the treatment room, the therapists for KH and I were jumbled up. When we straightened things up, my therapist thanked me because KH requested for deep pressure (nak-nak). :P. It was quite interesting seeing how the blind therapists work. Not much problems at all as they get around using the guide rails on the ceiling. I liked the technique they used, reaching many muscles that I never knew existed. My therapist sometimes compared my left and right leg, using touch to find out places with more stress and aches. It was a really enjoyable experience.

Perception Blind Massage



Jaded Jeremy said...

I too don't (usually) have rice or noodle for breakfast. Too heavy.

William said...

You're always an exception to the rule :P

Twilight Man said...

Honestly, every blogger went to Bangkok and had more fun than me.

William said...

Combine all that you have read and make the ultimate trip!

Derek said...

Didn't notice there's a tree in Alex Cafe 0.0