Thursday, December 03, 2015

In Tater's Town II: The 6 Cs


Coffee (or Cock)
Woke up bright and early on Sunday cause both of us were horny and we weren't gonna get anymore sleep without settling our woodies. It was an intense session but the apartment was big enough that we didn't wake our host. Tater brought us to breakfast at Dexter, a very hipster cafe with a cute barista. KH and I shared the big breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, ham, oats, greens and cheese. And they served specialty coffees from around the world. To replenish my protein, I ordered the Austrian coffee. It came disassembled where I had to pour two shots of espresso over a raw egg yolk and then mix in honey. Not exactly a drink to sip, more like a drink to chug down while its hot.


Austrian Coffee

Boy Barista

After breakfast, KH and I went to church near the US Embassy. The Holy Redeemer Church is special because it looks like a Catholic Wat. From the outside, the main church building looks like a typical Thai viharn with a multi-tiered roof. It was a suggestion from the late Bishop Fulton J. Sheen to the Redemptorist priest Father Roger Godbout to build the church in the style of Thai architecture. The style is most prominent at the altar where a golden statue of Christ the Redeemer stands with out-stretched hands. The folds of the robe are reminiscent of Buddhist statues. The sepulcher is intricately carved and painted in gold and red. Flanking the altar are traditional Thai altar offerings like pharnphooms and tiered umbrellas. The ceiling is also painted red with gold carvings just like in Thai temples. Another interesting feature is its Stations of the Cross. Typically churches mark each station distinctly, but at Holy Redeemer the stations are one whole long inter-mingled plaster bas relief. Mass was celebrated by a Karen Padaung priest who spent most of his sermon describing his work among the hill tribes.





Holy Mother

Stations of the Cross



Took a cab to Siam Paragon as we were meeting Tater there for lunch. Very impressed by the food selection there. Went round and round trying to decide on a place to eat. Finally chose Hokkai-Don as KH was sold by its chutoro sashimi promotion. Surprisingly cheap and fresh. Also tried their nigiri sushi, negitoro maki and sanma sashimi. All delicious.

Swimming Spoons

Chutoro Sashimi

Nigiri Sushi

Saba Sashimi

Chatted there for a long time before moving on to dessert at It's Happened to be a Coffee Shop. Downed the Scarlet Princess and a carrot cake. The Scarlet Princess is their version of Red Velvet with lots of walnuts and fruit topping. Also did some shopping at the supermarket but we didn't stay long. All of us were tired. Napped at home before our dinner date with SK later.

Scarlet Princess

Carrot Cake

Coconut (or Croquette)
Coincidentally, SK was also in town for a exhibition. She had just touched down at 6:00 PM and by the time she got to Sofitel, it was time for dinner. Met up with her at Terminal 21. My first time there really. An interesting concept of an airport with different floors having a different country as a theme. The dinner was supposed to be a very early birthday celebration for Tater. He chose Have a Zeed by Steak Lao. Weird name for a restaurant. For starters, we had the Northern meat platter-- an assortment of cuts and sausages. Kinda confirms that I don't like Lanna sausages. Haha. For mains we ordered the catfish salad, signature grilled ribs (must eat), shrimp croquet and sizzling pork neck. With all that, we found the capacity for mango sticky rice and coconut ice cream!

Catfish Salad

Northern Meat Platter

Signature Grilled Ribs

Shrimp Croquette

Sizzling Pork Neck

Carrot on Carrot

Coconut Ice Cream

Mango Sticky Rice

Golden Gate Bridge

Underground Toilet

KH read about a new night market in town called ArtBox, so we grabbed cab to E-ZY Parking Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. It had a carnival like atmosphere with an alternative music and rock concert going on at one side (nothing like having an accompaniment of "Motherfuckas" while strolling at the night market) and 'art boxes' on another side. Shipping containers are transformed into stalls but most use the usual shed approach. Don't see much art there at all. Just some trinkets, fashion and lots of F&B. Mostly by youngsters for youngsters (spoken like a true old fuddy-duddy). Didn't stay long. Went back to Sofitel to loiter for a while before heading back to Chong Nonsi.


Lighted Tree




Twilight Man said...

Interesting photos esp the church and its offerings in Thai mode.
Just like the Great Mosque in Xian, built in ancient Chinese characters.
The Container style will open in KL soon, along Jalan Alor across the
new MRT station.

SamL said...

I went BKK in Nov wanted to go to the Art Box place but it rained so we skipped it

Tater said...

I think it's cute how you assume your host didn't hear your Sunday morning session :-)

William said...

It's nice to have some inculturation. Jalan Alor got space?

No loss.

Well, you didn't say anything :P

A Law said...

Carrot on carrot? I thought it was Thai milk tea? Correct me if i'm wrong, hehe...

The food selection in paragon is really amazing... the first time i went there i just look around until i forgot where my friends sat.

William said...

I think you're right :P

Derek said...

I so miss the chutoro! Yummeh ...