Tuesday, December 01, 2015

In Tater's Town I: Spicy Halloween

Vans Ortho

Not a month had passed since I went to Northern Thailand and I was back again in its fabulous capital. My last visit to Bangkok was a huge trip with the BFF in 2008. I was there because KH was on seminar there and we had promised Tater that we would visit him at his new home. The flight to Don Mueng was uneventful with no cuties to speak about. At the airport we encountered a crazy line for the public taxis. Even bumped into the guy who sat next to me. He made for the airport taxi counter and we followed him. THB 700 and one hour of traffic jams later we arrived at Chong Nonsi BTS. The weather was hot, hot, hot. Found Tater's apartment after a bit of hunting and he welcomed both of us warmly. He got us settled in our room which had a dressing table decorated with photos that we had taken together! All of us had a long chat at the living room till dinner time. Our host suggested a hipster Isan restaurant at Silom called SomtumDer. Very authentic, very spicy. As expected, the waiter looked at Tater when inquiring about the level of spiciness. Haha. We went for the real deal. Our dinner consisted of chicken larb, signature marinated pork, blanched fish fillet and duck glass noodle salad. It was all very good although steam was coming out of our ears.

Sticky Rice & Rice Noodles

Signature Marinated Pork

Chicken Larb

Duck Glass Noodles Salad

Blanched Fish Filler

Basket of Lights

Next was cake and cold drinks at Bug & Bee. The place was empty except for us and a bunch of beefy gays playing cards upstairs. Once in a while, another friend with big arms would turn up and join them upstairs. Very lansi looking group. Most probably killing time before going clubbing.


What's a night out in BKK without some drinking and entertainment right? Tater brought us to Soi 4 to experience Halloween in the gay district. Most of the staff were decked out in face and body paint. The recurring theme we saw was more Day of the Dead rather than Halloween actually. Lots of witches, devils and skeletal face paint. Some of the more outstanding were guys in elaborate traditional Thai costumes and there was one guy lurching around as the some Ghost of the Football Pitch. Weirdness. We had our drink at the Telephone Bar. The local draught we had was so watered down that it looked like pale yellow water. But it was a great place to people watch. Opposite the bar was Bearbie, a bear bar but it was deathly quiet. Most of their usual patrons must be at Taipei Pride spreading bear love. By the time we finished our drinks the night was still young.

Telephone Bar on Halloween

Tater led us to Soi Twilight for a little entertainment by the local boys. We walked into Fresh Boys at a quarter past eleven. For THB 350 per pax we were given one drink. Boys in white underwear were parading on stage. Their dicks were obviously swollen judging by the VPL. Most of the boys were lean but not heavily-muscled. Some sweet faces and some not so sweet. A leader would give a clap and the lads would rotate to front and center. The boys would be touching themselves and making eye contact hoping that someone in the audience would call them down for a drink. Some of the choicier boys did get attention. They would sit next to the guy and make small talk. Definitely not the geisha's art of conversation. The boy would be rubbing the customer's thigh hoping that he would be brought out for something more. Once all the underwear boys had made their rounds, another batch in jeans appeared.

The cycle repeated till midnight when the show started. A drag queen came out with Halloween face point to do a couple of numbers before three boys in cloaks did an energetic dance, gyrating their hips as best as they could. Then there was a cowboy strip tease from the most matured and muscular 'boy' there. Afterwards was a vampire sketch and a sex scene behind a mesh curtain. Finally all the boys came out to parade their hard dongs. Strangely, they all had condoms on and the condoms even looked a bit inflated with air. One by one they whacked a stainless steel pole with their dicks and it produced a loud clang. I suspect a sound effect. The ground staff weren't too pushy about us not ordering another drink or getting a boy to sit with us, so that was good. By the time the show was done, KH and I were super sleepy. We dashed out into the rain and caught a cab home. Slept at 1:30 AM and I had church the next day! Yikes.


Twilight Man said...

Wow! You had a real BangCock blast with such a good host.
When the Thais visited KL, we had nothing to show off.

thompsonboy said...

I take the bus only lar..easy

William said...

KL memang boring :P

If travel light OK lo

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