Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Ain't Ready

Pork and Salmon Don

It was the end of November, so I went to check out the Christmas decorations at One Utama after mass. Unfortunately, still WIP. Felt like having Japanese food for lunch, but truth be told, One Utama does not have a very good selection. Bored of Kura; Ichiro was too expensive, so I went to Senya Dining instead. At least mum had never ate there before. Mum's not very fond of red meat, so I ordered a variation of Senya's famous Hokkaido Pork Don-- the Pork & Salmon Don. Surprisingly, it was quite good. The slices of Salmon were just lightly seared which went wonderfully with the chili powder. Mum gave a thumbs up. We also shared a pot of yummy kimchi salmon head nabe.

Kimchi Salmon Head Soup

Shopped a bit after that. Christmas trimmings don't seem to be in high demand this year. Left just as was starting to pour. Later in the evening, had a typical mamak dinner of naan, Tandoori chicken and dhosai at Restoran Rishadh. Back at home, dug out my Christmas cards only to find that I don't have the correct size of envelopes. Improvised a bit with postcards, washi tape and rubber stamps. My list was very short. Who sends snail mail cards anymore?


Snail Mail


Twilight Man said...

I received 4 Christmas cards, posted by bloggers!

William said...

I only sent out 4 this year