Monday, December 21, 2015

A Lego Birthday

Note: Been a way for a while cause I'm fighting a pesky viral flu...

Clear Soup Noodles

Weekends were starting to get jam-packed with activities as I got nearer to end of the year. Mum forwent her marketing session for her visit to the chiropractor after a bowl of steaming hot fishball noodles. We had Little Monster in tow because his mum was working over the weekend again. At the center, the kid was a bit restless but he entertained himself by singing a Mandarin song that was made weird to our eyes due to his less than accurate enunciation. He sang it phonetically where some of the words may have went missing or been altered. When mum went into the treatment room for spinal adjustment and muscle work, the kid stiffened up thinking that it might be his turn next. He watched warily from the corner, not taking his eyes off my mother. Later on he relaxed a bit and sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Row Row Row Your Boat" for the therapist.

Red Eggs

Next up was KT's daughter's birthday party. She was celebrating her first birthday with a Lego-themed event. Why Lego you may ask? Her mum and uncle thought that at one point she did look like a Lego figurine. I thought she looked like Ponyo! The party was held at her children's center in Bukit Jalil. Coincidentally, met Jase there after many years. Other guests included SK, Brian and Apollo. Food was from a Malay caterer and it was supplemented with kuih (lapis, angku, koci) and red eggs. Entertainment was provided by her multi-talented niece. She sang, danced and played the ukulele. Every guest was given a goody bag that contained random pieces of Lego and snacks. Towards the end we were expected to make something creative out of the pieces as part of a competition. The birthday cake was also Lego-inspired which the kids loved while the adults loved the non-halal Tiramisu.

A Lego Birthday

Left the party at about 4:00 PM. Little Monster left with his mum who had turned up at around 2:30 PM. The rest of us went to have coffee at Peek-a-boo Cafe at Taman Esplanad. Love the way they decorated the place. Quirky and cozy with a Totoro theme. Coffee was decent and the classic waffles had a wonderful texture, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.


Classic Waffle




Thought of having an early dinner at Restoran Seoul Korea at Taman Desa. Thought that arriving at 6:20PM would be considered early, but we were wrong. The restaurant was already full and the queue went down two flight of stairs and more. Gave up on that idea and ate at Hawker Street KL instead. Shared a few dishes since we were still quite full. Had a dry conversation about medical insurance and that was it.


Asam Laksa

Char Kway Teow


Twilight Man said...

This Korean Restaurant is the only one in Klang Valley that still serves to packed houses after so many years!!!!

William said...

Must have 'something' in their kimchi