Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Salty Dessert

Pork Noodles

On Sunday evening, I fetched mum to Bukit Jalil Golf Club to attend a wedding banquet. A perfect chance for me to spend quality time with KH on a rainy evening. Picked KH up and we had dinner together at Restoran Hong Cha, Taman OUG. Been quite some time since I ate their pork noodles. Found it to be a far cry from what I remembered. The soup wasn't even porky anymore. Noticed that Seapark Dessert had opened next door, so we gave that a try. Restoran Ah Loy had given up one shoplot due to their diminished business. Tried a bowl of hot bubuchacha and I wasn't impressed. The dried jelly wasn't cooked with the soup, but soup was poured over a type of powdered mochi. Seemed to be a very instant version of this classic dessert. Back home, KH gave me a more satisfying dessert. The salty type. It was an enjoyable session. Since we don't smoke, we went for post-coital coffee and cake at Doors Cafe, Taman OUG. Seemed that each time we ordered cake there, it was something non-halal. This time it was a Johny Walker-spiked chocolate cake. Not bad at all. Whiled the evening away until it was time to pick mum up...


Johny Walker Chocolate Cake

Monday, December 28, 2015

Sinful Celebration

Celebratory Lunch

One week after my blood test, I collected the results from the clinic. The doctor was very surprised with the results. According to her, my response to the medication was much better than expected. Her target for me was just a 30% drop in bad cholesterol, but my results showed a more than 50% drop to healthy levels. She declared that it was good news and that I should continue whatever I was doing (not exercising and eating like crazy?). Could also consider halving my dosage since my cholesterol level was pretty low. Celebrated with a big plate of chicken rice + roast duck + roast pork at Taman United. Since the uncle was closing shop, he gave us a huge portion for just RM15.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Ain't Ready

Pork and Salmon Don

It was the end of November, so I went to check out the Christmas decorations at One Utama after mass. Unfortunately, still WIP. Felt like having Japanese food for lunch, but truth be told, One Utama does not have a very good selection. Bored of Kura; Ichiro was too expensive, so I went to Senya Dining instead. At least mum had never ate there before. Mum's not very fond of red meat, so I ordered a variation of Senya's famous Hokkaido Pork Don-- the Pork & Salmon Don. Surprisingly, it was quite good. The slices of Salmon were just lightly seared which went wonderfully with the chili powder. Mum gave a thumbs up. We also shared a pot of yummy kimchi salmon head nabe.

Kimchi Salmon Head Soup

Shopped a bit after that. Christmas trimmings don't seem to be in high demand this year. Left just as was starting to pour. Later in the evening, had a typical mamak dinner of naan, Tandoori chicken and dhosai at Restoran Rishadh. Back at home, dug out my Christmas cards only to find that I don't have the correct size of envelopes. Improvised a bit with postcards, washi tape and rubber stamps. My list was very short. Who sends snail mail cards anymore?


Snail Mail

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Walking In

Every end of the year I have leave that must be cleared lest it be forfeited. Employees are only allowed to carry forward 20 days of annual leave to the following year. Yes, I have that much annual leave. Hehe. KH and I took a day off on Monday to spend the time together. Joining the rush hour crowd, we boarded the LRT to Hang Tuah station. Made our way to VCR Cafe because of its early opening hours. At first I was a bit confused by the directions from Google Maps but I finally understood the convoluted route after experiencing it firsthand. Amazing that Google Maps can properly map pedestrian walkways and crossings. Just a short walk and we arrived at the cafe. At that hour, there were people already comfortably ensconced at their tables, sipping coffee. KH and I moved upstairs to share a big breakfast. For MYR34, one gets slice of bread with two eggs (mine were poached to perfection), two yummy sausages, tomatoes on the vine, sauteed mushrooms, stewed beans and beef bacon (turkey ham is an option too). Coffee was quite good too. The place seems quite perfect for smokers with al fresco seating and an open air rooftop area. The owners seem to have adopted a bunch of stray cats and housed them in a cage at the entrance.



Big Breakfast

Made our way to The Pavilion after that. No good movies to watch. It was either "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" or "Keeper of Darkness". We chose the Cantonese ghost movie. Not a great movie, but not a bad movie either. Nothing ritualistic, just some straight-forward ghost catching. The hero has a shock of white hair and a whole body of protective tattoos, but doesn't serve any purpose in the plot. Emerged from the cinema quite famished. Ate at TGIF because for some reason, HSBC gave me a whole booklet of December vouchers to use. Was quite surprised by the service I got from the Pinoy waiters:
Waiter: So you'll be having the xxx and yyy.
Moi: Correct.
Waiter: Drinks?
Moi: (before I could answer...)
Waiter: No drinks right? (walked off)
LOL. Well, he did guess correctly. Based on experience?

Loitered at Times Bookstore then checked out the RM3,000,000.00 Swarovski Christmas tree at the concourse. Amazing what strands of crystals and high-powered LED lights can do. Bathe the shoppers shopping rays. Here and there one still sees the animatronics from past years. A lighted skeleton of Santa's sleigh was moved outdoors. Spiked our blood sugar levels at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with a couple of Christmas drinks. Our server looked as though he was going cold turkey after a month of gorging on chocolate-peppermint lattes. Next up, KH went to shop for trail shoes which is an activity he enjoys a lot. I just trudge along and roll my eyes. Whatever the case, it was nice to spend the day in each other's company. No rush, no disturbances.

Nutcracker & Bears

Crystal Christmas Tree

Monday, December 21, 2015

A Lego Birthday

Note: Been a way for a while cause I'm fighting a pesky viral flu...

Clear Soup Noodles

Weekends were starting to get jam-packed with activities as I got nearer to end of the year. Mum forwent her marketing session for her visit to the chiropractor after a bowl of steaming hot fishball noodles. We had Little Monster in tow because his mum was working over the weekend again. At the center, the kid was a bit restless but he entertained himself by singing a Mandarin song that was made weird to our eyes due to his less than accurate enunciation. He sang it phonetically where some of the words may have went missing or been altered. When mum went into the treatment room for spinal adjustment and muscle work, the kid stiffened up thinking that it might be his turn next. He watched warily from the corner, not taking his eyes off my mother. Later on he relaxed a bit and sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Row Row Row Your Boat" for the therapist.

Red Eggs

Next up was KT's daughter's birthday party. She was celebrating her first birthday with a Lego-themed event. Why Lego you may ask? Her mum and uncle thought that at one point she did look like a Lego figurine. I thought she looked like Ponyo! The party was held at her children's center in Bukit Jalil. Coincidentally, met Jase there after many years. Other guests included SK, Brian and Apollo. Food was from a Malay caterer and it was supplemented with kuih (lapis, angku, koci) and red eggs. Entertainment was provided by her multi-talented niece. She sang, danced and played the ukulele. Every guest was given a goody bag that contained random pieces of Lego and snacks. Towards the end we were expected to make something creative out of the pieces as part of a competition. The birthday cake was also Lego-inspired which the kids loved while the adults loved the non-halal Tiramisu.

A Lego Birthday

Left the party at about 4:00 PM. Little Monster left with his mum who had turned up at around 2:30 PM. The rest of us went to have coffee at Peek-a-boo Cafe at Taman Esplanad. Love the way they decorated the place. Quirky and cozy with a Totoro theme. Coffee was decent and the classic waffles had a wonderful texture, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.


Classic Waffle




Thought of having an early dinner at Restoran Seoul Korea at Taman Desa. Thought that arriving at 6:20PM would be considered early, but we were wrong. The restaurant was already full and the queue went down two flight of stairs and more. Gave up on that idea and ate at Hawker Street KL instead. Shared a few dishes since we were still quite full. Had a dry conversation about medical insurance and that was it.


Asam Laksa

Char Kway Teow

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tater in Town: Thai Tater

Pasta with Pesto Chicken

Tater was in town from Bangkok for work. Originally, we had scheduled for a dinner on Sunday but it got bumped up to lunch because his lousy counterpart was well... lousy. That last minute change caused us to scramble to salvage the situation. KH had a brilliant idea and actually picked him up from the airport and went to Kepong to meet me, where I was waiting for my mum to finish her massage appointment. Lex managed to join us but Apollo couldn't. We lunched at Nelson Tan Cafe. I ordered a huge ass pasta with pesto chicken while KH went for a Mexican baked pork thingy that came in a claypot. My poor hubby was sneezing the whole time. He blamed it on the intense sex session we had the day before. It was great meeting up Tater and Lex. Tater had a great opportunity to update Lex about his new adventure in Bangkok. And when it comes to things about Thailand, Lex's eyes would light up. The staff at the cafe were really attentive. When they saw that our drinks had run dry, they automatically brought us water seeing that we were all talking a whole lot. By the time mum was ready to go, Tater also had to leave to check into his hotel and meet his counterpart. Timing was superb.

Mexican Baked Pork

Later in the evening, mum and I ventured to Seri Petaling to have dinner. A very rare choice for me because I absolutely hate the parking and traffic condition there. Tried a new Thai restaurant there called Bangkok's by Cafaeyen. Parked my car at the multi-level car park and walked there. While walking, I heard a very familiar sneeze. Turns out that KH was in Seri Petaling too. Haha. Bangkok's had an interesting half-finished brick finishing. Prices were a little above average but that's to be expected in that area. Personally, I hated the PadThai. Too soggy. However, the shrimp omelette rice was exquisite and the tomyum quite good. Do try their signature iced coffee too. Apollo and QueerRanter-D joined us for drinks and dessert later in the night. Did some catching up as our weekly dinner was cancelled since SK's grandma moved back to Kuantan.

Thai Omelette Rice

Thai Milk Tea

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Single Origins Coffee

Once in a while, SK joins mum and I for our morning marketing session. I also took the chance to retest my blood sugar and cholesterol level at a clinic in OUG. Afterwards, we had breakfast together at my favourite noodle stall with a side dish of roast duck. Totally awesome. Brought her to The Hub for coffee too. Went home and rested for a bit before going out again to attend the pre-Parish Assembly at church. Don't you just hate meetings before the meeting? I left during the tea break and joined mum and SK at the chiropractor's office. Their sessions dragged till late afternoon.

White Chicken

A church member's mother had been hospitalized, so we made a trip to Assunta Hospital to see how she was doing. We were told that she had lost all renal function. But looking at her bed chart, she had high blood pressure and diabetes too. The old lady was conscious but not very lucid. She kept complaining that her rosary had missing beads. Behind all that medical problems was also some family troubles. She was caught in big war between her children. She was being used like a pawn to assert power and ownership. A sad case. Dinner was at New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, Jalan Gasing. Their value set of steamed tilapia, pork tendon balls, chicken and blanched vegetables really hit the spot.

Pork Tendon Balls

Steamed Tilapia

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Deepavali Church Hopping


On Deepavali, my BEC organized a Klang pilgrimage. Surprisingly, we even managed to attract a neighbouring BEC to tag along, making it two bus-loads of people. Gathered at church and had a priest perform a mass blessing before we went on our way. The first church we visited was the Church of the Holy Redeemer at Taman Berkerley, Klang. Its not a particularly old church but it has some interesting features. When approaching the church, one doesn't catch sight of the small statue of Christ the Redeemer out front, but will definitely notice the large Pieta installed on the roof. And to the side of the main building is a newly-constructed arched grotto with a style that reminded me a little of Parc Guell. Installed within is a statue of Our Lady of Grace. We started with a full rosary session at the grotto and later moved into library cum hall for some refreshments. Those with their pilgrimage passports also got them stamped at the parish office. The parish priest's office has a treasure trove of cute porcelain statues with religious themes.

Christ the Redeemer


Relic of St. Faustina Kowalska

St. Anthony of Padua




Then we gathered in the church for a welcoming session by the parish priest and some praise and worship. One member of the welcoming committee also gave us a very detailed account of the church's history. It was so detailed that we missed our lunch reservation by one hour! The church also houses a relic of Saint Faustina Kowalska. When in Klang, eat what the Klang-ites eat-- BKT. Ate at Restoran Batu Belah Boon Hua not because its famous, but because of its ability to feed 88 extra customers at one go and have parking for two buses. Took quite some time to get everyone fed. A messy lunch. The bill came to about RM1,400. With just one pot of dry and soup BKT per table, I don't think it was a good deal.


As we were leaving for the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes (1928), it started to rain heavily. But that was no problem as the welcoming committee was armed with golf umbrellas. A very attentive group. The church had a beautiful interior. The altar was newly-renovated and they had some nice stained glass windows. As usual, we had a praise and worship session and later moved to the chapel that housed the window panels from Sime Darby Medical Center with the Marian image. The image on one window did resemble Our Lady of Grace, but I couldn't make out what was on the second window. It was open to interpretation and had no official verification from the church.

Our Lady & Saints


Stained Glass


SDMC Window Pane Apparition

Last on our list was Church of St. Thomas More, Subang Jaya that was recently in the news for a 'miracle' related to their newly-installed statue of the Virgin Mary. In a circulated video, a parishioner gave testimony that he saw the statue smile, cry and turn her head slowly. The church is quite new, built in a light industrial area like the Church of Divine Mercy. The interior is modern with a beautiful stained glass feature above the altar. And the Stations of the Cross were painted by a parishioner. Got home in time for dinner.


Stained Glass

St. Thomas More

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Station 11

Pilgrimage Passport

Mum and I dined at Wong Kok, AEON Taman Equine. Tried their Portugese cheese-baked rice. Honestly, its like the usual cheese-baked rice with curry powder. Did some shopping then went home to rest. It had been a long day.

Portugese Cheese-baked Rice