Friday, November 27, 2015

Sharks Don't Drink

Dark Beer

On the eve of Sharky's 20th birthday (so young, but of course he thought otherwise), we dragged him out for dinner on a rainy evening. Brought him to The SOPRANO's Italian-German Restaurant and Piano Bar. We were the only customers at the time. Such a lonely Friday night. Sad to discover that they had revised the prices and the drinks menu had also shrunk, together with its happy hour promotions. We shared a pork knuckle (moist porky goodness) and spicy seafood spaghetti. It was definitely not enough for Sharky's growing boy appetite. Once again, I got him to taste the beer and the scene was as comical as the last time. After dinner, we went to Starbucks at Pearl Point International Hotel for coffee and cake. Unfortunately, the cake selection was horrible. Whatever was leftover looked pitiful. And even the iced water that we asked for had dregs. Yikes! Hopped over to Cafe Coffee Day just opposite it for a slice of Red Velvet, but that wasn't very good too. Later, Sharky went to Starbucks by himself to complete his birthday routine near midnight. A must to celebrate alone with a slice of cake to mark the new notch in his age. A #foreveralone thing? Hopefully he will find someone that shares his interests, looks like an anime character and has sweet Pokemon sex with him! Happy birthday again Sharky!

Red Velvet


Twilight Man said...

What a thoughtful hosts like you.
My birthday is coming soon.

William said...

I'll remind Lifebook :P

Derek said...

He thinks he's old for reaching the big 20 *rolls eyes*

Jaded Jeremy said...

Why Pokemon sex?