Thursday, November 26, 2015


You're A Good Looking Go Getter

On a rainy Awal Muharram afternoon, KH brought me out for coffee. Our first choice was Peekaboo Cafe at Taman Esplanad but believe it or not, they were closed on a public holiday. We had parked our car at the quiet road with the heavy rain bombarding the windscreen. Perfect opportunity for some fooling around in the car. Steamed up the windows. By the time we were ready to go (zipped up our pants and wiped our mouths), the rain had let up a bit. Headed to Owls Cafe. Both of us knew it was a long shot. As expected, there was a waiting list. Lucky for us, there was a new cafe next door called Go Getter Cafe! Sounds quite pitiful, but I think they survive on the run-off from Owls Cafe. Coffee is decent and they serve waffles too. Some interesting interior decoration also. Hopefully they will have their own following soon.

Bear Love


Biycle Mirror

Traffic Signs


Twilight Man said...

Better tint your windows.

William said...

Haha, yes, they are tinted.

Derek said...

Exhibitionists! Hehe