Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hubba Hubba


My Saturday morning started with a visit to a clinic at Taman Esplanad for a blood test because AIA was bit jittery with my blood sugar level. As a condition for approving my medical insurance, I had to get my A1C levels checked out. Roughly, it represents my average blood sugar level over a span of three months. That's why I started declining food and drinks after 9:00 PM while celebrating Sharky's birthday the night before. The clinic was huge with a lot of Thai art. And the consultation room looked more like a director's business office. Settled that in about an hour as I had several annoying forms to fill. Went to the market immediately after that.


While browsing my Facebook timeline, I was presented with a recommended post from TimeoutKL talking about a new cafe in OUG called The HUB. The simple blue logo looked so familiar. Remember seeing it at one of the quieter streets near the wet market. Immediately went hunting for it. When mum and I arrived at the doorstep, the boss quickly came out to usher us in. I was glad to leave the haze. A clean and uncluttered interior welcomed us. The cafe even had a skylight to let in natural light. Painted egg cartons decorated the walls giving the place a modern, hipster feel. The boss quickly gave us recommendations on his main product-- single origins coffee. They have a wide selection of coffees which is roasted right at the front of the cafe. Told him that I wanted something less acidic, so he chose the Pangkorn for me. The whole bunch of staff crowded around their brewing and filtering station. Once done, the boss slurped the coffee noisily from a shot glass and another barista tested the level of caffeine with a kit. Guess one only gets such a scene from a newly-opened cafe. For food, I ordered the Eggs Benedict. Not bad. Will definitely come back to try the more premium beans and cakes.

Filter Coffee Station

Eggs Ben

In the evening, I met Cutiepie over dinner at IOI City Mall. She heard rave reviews about Morganfield's so she brought me there for a belated birthday meal. KH and her son Cam joined us too. It was a full house, so we were lucky to secure a table. Her cute son was preoccupied with toy dinosaurs while the grown-ups did their catching up. Surprised to hear some juicy tid-bits from her about my current boss. It's a small world after all. Got our dessert fix at Namoo Grey Korean Cafe-- a slice of pumpkin cake, mat tang and popcorn caramel shaved ice. Cutiepie got me Ferrari-licensed pen from Sheaffer. Quite an interesting gift as a sports-car red pen is not common. Thanks a lot!

Triceratops Pumpkin Cake

Popcorn Bingsu

Mat Tang



untold stories said...

How much did the coffee cost you? Would love to check out the (posh) cafe scene in Malaysia one day.

William said...

Just RM12. They have upgrades towards RM15, RM18.

Twilight Man said...

The whole place is unique with really exciting food.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Why are you applying for a medical insurance? I thought you already have one?

Derek said...

Hubba hubba not same as hubby? Hehe