Monday, November 16, 2015

Early Birthday


Back in KL, I reverted back to my Saturday morning marketing. DBKL's progress on the new wet market building is quite good. Should be done by next year. Got my usual breakfast soup noodles fix and proceeded to get my haircut. Surprisingly mum suddenly said she would like my stylist to perm her hair. Thankfully she was happy with the results. Many years ago, she did a digital perm there and hated the outcome. She complained for weeks.

OUG New Market

In the evening, SK, KH, #BF, Lifebook and Brian gave me an early birthday celebration at Eyuzu, Eastin Hotel. Never tried that before. Nothing to shout about really. I must say that buffets don't make my heart go aflutter anymore. More likely to cause heart disease. Haha. Can't gorge anymore.  On our way out, a straight couple employed our help to help them with a couple of photos. They were really demanding and particular. For a while there I thought we were being paid.

Salmon & Shishamo


Please Come Again

Did not go directly home after dinner (Lifebook went home to sleep and #BF went for a Libran 'orgy' at Ascott Hotel). Stopped a while at CoffeeMeDarling, SS2. Tried the Tofufah Latte and I must say that it tastes like tofufah dropped into coffee. Just some texture. Doesn't contribute to the taste at all. But I enjoyed the company. Thanks for celebrating my birthday guys!

Tofufah Latte


ernestlow said...

Happy birthday William. Your blogs are most enjoyable!

William said...

Thanks :)

Derek said...

Nice celebration with dear, except for the couple and the haze!