Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Beauty and the Stump

The God Head

Recently we discovered that our colleague was chasing after a girl. I shall refer to him Stump because that's the feeling I always get when I talk with him. A very socially-awkward fellow. His relationship seems to be a complicated affair because after so many months he couldn't confirm the status. Here's an excerpt of a conversation he had with another colleague I shall call PointBlank, a mother of two:

PointBlank: You went on a Singapore with her?

Stump: Uhmm.... Yes.

PointBlank: You paid for everything?

Stump: Uhmmm.... Hotel, flight tickets, Universal Studio tickets....

PointBlank: Nearly everything la.

Stump: Uhmmm... Yes.

PoitBlank: Did you hold her hand?

Stump: Uhmmmm... Yes. Only in Singapore.

PointBlank: Har? She won't allow you to hold her hand in KL?

Stump: Uhmmm... Yeah. She says I'm not smart enough to be introduced to her friends. Perhaps later when I'm smarter and make more money than her.

PointBlank: WTF?! She's playing you for a bloody fool!

Truth be told, she is playing him for the fool. But if he wasn't a fool, I wouldn't call him Stump. Love is blind I guess, and some people are blinder.


Jino said...

he is definitely not the most bodoh one~

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Derek said...

As long as he's happy ...

thompsonboy said...

maybe he got to taste the oyster leh.....

William said...

Absolutely right.

Short term happiness.

If he got the abalone, I would not have written this post.