Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hubba Hubba


My Saturday morning started with a visit to a clinic at Taman Esplanad for a blood test because AIA was bit jittery with my blood sugar level. As a condition for approving my medical insurance, I had to get my A1C levels checked out. Roughly, it represents my average blood sugar level over a span of three months. That's why I started declining food and drinks after 9:00 PM while celebrating Sharky's birthday the night before. The clinic was huge with a lot of Thai art. And the consultation room looked more like a director's business office. Settled that in about an hour as I had several annoying forms to fill. Went to the market immediately after that.


While browsing my Facebook timeline, I was presented with a recommended post from TimeoutKL talking about a new cafe in OUG called The HUB. The simple blue logo looked so familiar. Remember seeing it at one of the quieter streets near the wet market. Immediately went hunting for it. When mum and I arrived at the doorstep, the boss quickly came out to usher us in. I was glad to leave the haze. A clean and uncluttered interior welcomed us. The cafe even had a skylight to let in natural light. Painted egg cartons decorated the walls giving the place a modern, hipster feel. The boss quickly gave us recommendations on his main product-- single origins coffee. They have a wide selection of coffees which is roasted right at the front of the cafe. Told him that I wanted something less acidic, so he chose the Pangkorn for me. The whole bunch of staff crowded around their brewing and filtering station. Once done, the boss slurped the coffee noisily from a shot glass and another barista tested the level of caffeine with a kit. Guess one only gets such a scene from a newly-opened cafe. For food, I ordered the Eggs Benedict. Not bad. Will definitely come back to try the more premium beans and cakes.

Filter Coffee Station

Eggs Ben

In the evening, I met Cutiepie over dinner at IOI City Mall. She heard rave reviews about Morganfield's so she brought me there for a belated birthday meal. KH and her son Cam joined us too. It was a full house, so we were lucky to secure a table. Her cute son was preoccupied with toy dinosaurs while the grown-ups did their catching up. Surprised to hear some juicy tid-bits from her about my current boss. It's a small world after all. Got our dessert fix at Namoo Grey Korean Cafe-- a slice of pumpkin cake, mat tang and popcorn caramel shaved ice. Cutiepie got me Ferrari-licensed pen from Sheaffer. Quite an interesting gift as a sports-car red pen is not common. Thanks a lot!

Triceratops Pumpkin Cake

Popcorn Bingsu

Mat Tang


Friday, November 27, 2015

Sharks Don't Drink

Dark Beer

On the eve of Sharky's 20th birthday (so young, but of course he thought otherwise), we dragged him out for dinner on a rainy evening. Brought him to The SOPRANO's Italian-German Restaurant and Piano Bar. We were the only customers at the time. Such a lonely Friday night. Sad to discover that they had revised the prices and the drinks menu had also shrunk, together with its happy hour promotions. We shared a pork knuckle (moist porky goodness) and spicy seafood spaghetti. It was definitely not enough for Sharky's growing boy appetite. Once again, I got him to taste the beer and the scene was as comical as the last time. After dinner, we went to Starbucks at Pearl Point International Hotel for coffee and cake. Unfortunately, the cake selection was horrible. Whatever was leftover looked pitiful. And even the iced water that we asked for had dregs. Yikes! Hopped over to Cafe Coffee Day just opposite it for a slice of Red Velvet, but that wasn't very good too. Later, Sharky went to Starbucks by himself to complete his birthday routine near midnight. A must to celebrate alone with a slice of cake to mark the new notch in his age. A #foreveralone thing? Hopefully he will find someone that shares his interests, looks like an anime character and has sweet Pokemon sex with him! Happy birthday again Sharky!

Red Velvet

Thursday, November 26, 2015


You're A Good Looking Go Getter

On a rainy Awal Muharram afternoon, KH brought me out for coffee. Our first choice was Peekaboo Cafe at Taman Esplanad but believe it or not, they were closed on a public holiday. We had parked our car at the quiet road with the heavy rain bombarding the windscreen. Perfect opportunity for some fooling around in the car. Steamed up the windows. By the time we were ready to go (zipped up our pants and wiped our mouths), the rain had let up a bit. Headed to Owls Cafe. Both of us knew it was a long shot. As expected, there was a waiting list. Lucky for us, there was a new cafe next door called Go Getter Cafe! Sounds quite pitiful, but I think they survive on the run-off from Owls Cafe. Coffee is decent and they serve waffles too. Some interesting interior decoration also. Hopefully they will have their own following soon.

Bear Love


Biycle Mirror

Traffic Signs

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

When Crabs Are Welcome In Bed

Sally Lightfoot Crab

Woke up bright and early on Sunday morning to send mum to the Taman Desa Resident's Association (TDRA) Run. She was helping out at the charity carnival in front of Faber Towers. I was darn sleepy but excited because KH and I had arranged a skank session while his parents were out at their taichi session. Buzzed him at 7:30 AM and he brought me up to his condo. We wasted no time getting our clothes off and locking lips. As usual, we started with his favorite missionary position but we somehow progressed to something that we had never tried before-- The Crab. In that position, the bottom is in control and would do all the work (KH always complains that I don't do any work). Best thing is, it hits the spot. That was a great experience. Showered together and headed for breakfast at Kedai Makanan dan Minimum Yong Hua. Had dry curry noodles and pan mee from the Si Botak stall. Went home to rest after that. Fixed up some leftover spicy tuna penne for lunch. By the time I picked up mum, the haze was back with a vengeance.

Penne Pineapple

Dinner was at MaisonSK, but it had an Osaka theme that night. QueerRanter-D came with Champagne grapes, crispy pears, Tokyo Banana, Omoshiroi Koibito, Fugetsu-Do Gaufre, Rokkosan Baum and some assorted Morinaga biscuits. Ate a lot that night. Hardly had any tummy space left for the white fungus dessert that Apollo's mum made and even Apollo declined alcohol that night (which is quite shocking, trust me). That night was the first night in a long time that SK's granny didn't join us. She was recuperating at her son's place in Damansara as SK would be flying off to Myanmar the next morning.


Snacks from Japan

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Chief Hits the Big 4

The Playground

Every year, Janvier throws a surprise birthday party for his hubby, The Chief. The only surprise would be if he did not throw a party, haha. Anyway, to celebrate The Chief's big 4-0, he organized (orginized as Bunny's stepfather prefers it) a private function at Marmalade, Publika. SK, Brian and I went there a little earlier to jalan-jalan while KH came later cause he was tired from the Spartan Run (but he was not tired from oogling all the shirtless hunks who participated). The blue-themed party was huge with three main groups-- BFF, choir and TTDI-ans. As usual, all three groups hardly mingled and gravitated towards each other. The BFF were the earliest, so we conquered the tables nearest to the food.

The Chief's Birthday

I always liked Janvier's parties because it usually brings out the faces that I don't see on a regular basis like DanielH, Khatijah and Savante. We were lucky enough to catch the preppy doctor and his grumpy hubby, Legolas in KL because they had just flew in from Paris. Although it wasn't my party I was happy to get presents from Khatijah and Jay. The BFF have the becomings of a middle-aged group already with only Joe the Baker the only member who has not breached the psychological age barrier of 30. DanielH practically closed his ears when we started talking about high cholesterol, fatty liver and other health issues. Gone were the days vodkas and late nights. Welcome lychee coolers and early bedtimes. Everyone took turns taking pictures with the birthday uncle. The backdrop had balloons that represented his age. When it was Brian's turn, I told him to grab the "0". :P. The three disparate groups came together when it was time to sing the birthday song. Joe the Baker provided a batch of Mashimaro cupcakes with choco-chili frosting. The kids must have loved the frosting. Anyway, I was more shocked by the fact that The Chief is a fan of Mashimaro. Instead of a candle, a sparkler was used and Janvier had to use the panorama mode to get everyone in the picture. The party ended at 9:30 PM, befitting our age group. Haha. Two weeks after the party, all of us received a thank you card in the mail with a mini photo from the party. A great way to remember the event!

Mashimaro Cupcakes

William Ng



Friday, November 20, 2015

Farang-Farang Cari Makan

Spotted at a night market in Chiang Mai-- a farang with his local friend. The Thai boy has nice calves in my opinion.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Magical Birthday

Birthday Card

KH gave me choice of two restaurants to celebrate my birthday. It was simple choice really, Italian or magic. Magic? That's different. Something different, might as well give it a try. The venue was called J & P Magic House Bar & Restaurant at Jalan Berangan. I made my way there from Jalan Ampang after working hours but the traffic was horrible. The GoKL bus was stranded in the jam, so I alighted and walked over from Shangri-la Hotel. Just fifteen minutes late. The hubby was nice enough to wait outside the restaurant for me. We were the first couple to arrive. Started off with wine which was quite good. The first course was mixed green salad with bresaola beef, feta cheese, and honey mustard dressing. Soup was next. Tasted like a cioppino, but the seafood wasn't very fresh. Then it was fusilli carbonara which we left largely untouched. Too creamy for me. Halfway through dinner, magicians weaved about the tables doing card tricks. Our personal magician for the night was Alex, a rotund gentleman who loved to pull wet poker cards out of his mouth. Haha. Showed us some great card tricks where he always knew which card we chose, would appear at the most unexpected places and even transformed a card in front of us in a shimmering display.

Happy Birthday William

The main dishes were baked spring chicken and Barramundi in cream thyme sauce. The chicken was unimpressive, the fish a little better. Before dessert was served, Alex came to our table again with the offer of more magic. The card tricked spanned several tables with the help of other magicians. Three of us were asked to choose a card and hold it beneath our palms. A countdown was started and in the end, we were asked to look at our cards. My card had turned into a blank card with a birthday wish! Lights flashed and music played (an annoying song with repetitive "I love you"s) and our desserts was brought out from behind the stage. That was a surprise. Two birthdays and one anniversary that night. I liked the dessert, a mini pavlova with lemon-cream. When that was over, the tables were pushed to the side and the main magic show started.

Card Trick

Magic Trick

The emcee for the night was Alex. As expected, he pulled cards out of his mouth again, and on top of that some lame jokes. The show opener was Kazu of the Takahashi Twins. Lotsa rope and scarf tricks. Not really my cup of tea. Alex was next with more card tricks. He invited some poor guy up the stage to be his assistant. Made him do a lot of silly stuff on stage. But I'll summarize-- he chose a card, the cut a lemon, the card was in the lemon. Wicked. The next magician was also local, his name was Adrian. Started off with a bowling ball trick that was pretty surprising. Followed up with an annoying light trick that seemed more performance art than magic. Later on he invited a lady on stage to help him with a levitating table. Alex did another trick that involved a goldfish and a MYR100 bill. The highlight of the night was the Takahashi Twins who did a position switching trick. That was it. KH and I ordered our last drinks (sake!) and made our way home. Thanks for the great night dear!

Levitating Table

The End of the Show

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Beauty and the Stump

The God Head

Recently we discovered that our colleague was chasing after a girl. I shall refer to him Stump because that's the feeling I always get when I talk with him. A very socially-awkward fellow. His relationship seems to be a complicated affair because after so many months he couldn't confirm the status. Here's an excerpt of a conversation he had with another colleague I shall call PointBlank, a mother of two:

PointBlank: You went on a Singapore with her?

Stump: Uhmm.... Yes.

PointBlank: You paid for everything?

Stump: Uhmmm.... Hotel, flight tickets, Universal Studio tickets....

PointBlank: Nearly everything la.

Stump: Uhmmm... Yes.

PoitBlank: Did you hold her hand?

Stump: Uhmmmm... Yes. Only in Singapore.

PointBlank: Har? She won't allow you to hold her hand in KL?

Stump: Uhmmm... Yeah. She says I'm not smart enough to be introduced to her friends. Perhaps later when I'm smarter and make more money than her.

PointBlank: WTF?! She's playing you for a bloody fool!

Truth be told, she is playing him for the fool. But if he wasn't a fool, I wouldn't call him Stump. Love is blind I guess, and some people are blinder.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Early Birthday


Back in KL, I reverted back to my Saturday morning marketing. DBKL's progress on the new wet market building is quite good. Should be done by next year. Got my usual breakfast soup noodles fix and proceeded to get my haircut. Surprisingly mum suddenly said she would like my stylist to perm her hair. Thankfully she was happy with the results. Many years ago, she did a digital perm there and hated the outcome. She complained for weeks.

OUG New Market

In the evening, SK, KH, #BF, Lifebook and Brian gave me an early birthday celebration at Eyuzu, Eastin Hotel. Never tried that before. Nothing to shout about really. I must say that buffets don't make my heart go aflutter anymore. More likely to cause heart disease. Haha. Can't gorge anymore.  On our way out, a straight couple employed our help to help them with a couple of photos. They were really demanding and particular. For a while there I thought we were being paid.

Salmon & Shishamo


Please Come Again

Did not go directly home after dinner (Lifebook went home to sleep and #BF went for a Libran 'orgy' at Ascott Hotel). Stopped a while at CoffeeMeDarling, SS2. Tried the Tofufah Latte and I must say that it tastes like tofufah dropped into coffee. Just some texture. Doesn't contribute to the taste at all. But I enjoyed the company. Thanks for celebrating my birthday guys!

Tofufah Latte

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Chiang Mai V: Bye Mai

Soup Noodles

On our last day in Chiang Mai, we had some time to kill before we headed to the airport. Walked to the nearby Warorot Market to buy some local snacks. On our way there we stopped for breakfast a neighbourhood noodle stall at a back alley. Ordering was easy because the lady spoke a smattering of Mandarin. She cooked up a hearty bowl of pork noodles in clear soup but once again we were given the tourist price. She was quick to add that she served up a large bowl. Haha. The Warorot Market sold a myriad of stuff, from cloth, clothes, gold, toys, food stuff to personal are items. Most of the stalls on the ground floor catered to tourists. Nearly all the stalls sold the same things-- pig skin snacks, sauces and spices, dried fruit, bamboo caterpillars, sweets, etc.

From the Top



Bamboo Caterpillars

Chiang Mai greeted us with a Pad Thai dinner so we decided to bid her farewell with Pad Thai lunch. The shop we chose was on Chang Moi Road and in my opinion better than the one on our first day as it had ample wok qi. Took the time to visit the closest temple to our room, Wat Bhappuram. The differentiating feature is its tiered viharn with Burmese traits. It was also the only temple we saw that had people selling caged birds for release.

Pad Thai Again


Buddha's Sermon

Makkara eats Makkara eats Makkara

When it was time to go to the airport, we dragged our bags down and hailed a somtheaw. The VAT return process was painless and quick. Sat down at YES Coffee for a latte and sandwich. Nothing much to do at all in the airport. At the gate, was entertained by a woman who stood smack-dab in front of the TV and downed a whole mango in 2 minutes-- The Devourer of Mangoes. With that I end my Chiang Mai adventure. Thank you for reading.

Metal Art


The Devourer of Mangoes