Saturday, October 10, 2015

Undies Survey

I've had the "My Fave Undies Survey!" link on my blog since February 2011. So far it has garnered a yawn-inducing 124 respondents. Haha. It goes slowly, so what he heck, I'll just release the interim summary. Not all the questions are here because I added those much later, hence even less data to play with. So this is the feedback I received:

Mini briefs came out tops. The most practical design for work and play I suppose. A balance between coverage and sexiness. Are you a mini briefs guy? I know I am.

When it comes to the underwear band, most of the respondents prefer thick bands. More than half. Looks like Marky Mark in his undies left a lasting impression even after so many years. Personally, I dislike bands that are too thick. When you sit down, the fold, and that ruins the elastic.

White seems to be favourite colour for my readers. Very basic, but very sexy at the same time. Unfortunately, harder to maintain. No skid marks please. Hehe. My personal choice is yellow.

In terms of material, there are so many options out there. But stretchy cotton is the winner here. I guess its due to the breathability of cotton and the sexy snugness of lycra that appeals. In terms of material, I like cotton and the newer synthetic materials. I can wear both for work and play.

When it comes to fancy prints, seems that most of my readers say nay. I understand why most people would stick to the conservative solid colours, but I like a little fun in my underwear drawer. Bold prints and abstract designs help to make my collection stand out.

There you have it folks. If you haven't joined the survey, you can do so now! And its been fun chatting with those of you who left an e-mail addie. Thanks in advance.

P.S.: Perhaps I should have an underwear selfie submission too. :P


Twilight Man said...

I may not want to take part in the undies survey but my wife might love too.
She used to brag to people that when she hung my undies to dry, the neighbours would peep many times. LOL

William said...

Invite her to answer the questions then. LOL