Monday, October 19, 2015

Political Douching


Mum and I did not participate in the fourth BERSIH rally. She told me that at her age, she shouldn't be running from tear gas canisters anymore. Haha. So on Saturday morning, I brought her to the wet market at Jalan Hujan Emas 8, Taman OUG. Quite a sight to behold really. Although we did not go to BERSIH, BERSIH some how came to us. Many of the vendors were wearing BERSIH 4 T-shirts. From the vegetable sellers to the fish mongers to the butchers to the wantan noodle hawkers. Those who did not have official T-shirts wore yellow. The same scene repeated itself at the main market at Jalan Hujan Gerimis 5. Even the staff at my favourite noodle stall were all in yellow. The only yellow I wore was my GX3 underwear. LOL.

Noodles & Tea

As usual, we had lunch at home. Cooked up a couple of plates of wholemeal noodles and paired it with roasted duck from the market. Satisfying. Went to The Mines with SK after that. Mum wanted to take a look at the Ms Read warehouse sale over there. Been ages since I step foot into that mall. Didn't even know where to park. A bit confusing. Also couldn't navigate well inside. So very different from what I remember. Anyway, managed to find the shop and thankfully mum and SK did find a few items that they liked. There's now a large home furnishing store inside the mall, from Australia. It was still August, but Halloween was already in full swing. For zentai lovers, take note they sell a black, X-Ray skin suit. Hehe. Yumcha-ed at Teochew Chendul to rest our legs as we couldn't find any coffee place besides Starbucks.

Roast Duck Lunch


Asam Laksa

In the evening, there was a special event at church. Prayers for the nation together with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. And surprisingly, someone went around distributing Bersih 4 scarves! Left quietly after that as the prayers would go on till 6AM the next day. Before going home, we stopped Kayu Nasi Kandar, Aman Suria for some supper. Was surprised to learn that some of my colleagues and ex-colleagues actually stayed overnight on the streets! Bravo! Thankfully nothing untoward happened as the authorities did not crackdown like in the last rallies. Hopefully Malaysia will emerge as better nation when eyes and ears are opened and all the stumbling blocks are removed.

Bersih 4

Roti Telur


Twilight Man said...

I think this Kayu outlet is the biggest one in KL, right?

William said...

I'm not sure about that