Tuesday, October 06, 2015

My Weekend

Morning Market

Went to OUG wet market as usual and had a big bowl of curry noodles for breakfast. Amazed that it still cost MYR4.50 after the implementation of GST. Back at home, I rearranged my Laq model for something more angular. I immediately missed my geodesic sphere. Haha. Mum was supposed to make wine chicken for lunch, but the rice wine turned to piss. She threw that out and went for plan B-- Noodles in chicken soup. In the afternoon, I revived my swim routine with the pair of olive green Aussiebum swim trunks that just arrived in the mail. Took more than a month. Thought some postman had swiped it. In the evening, my neighbour brought over a plate of onde-onde with a twist-- the skin had a mixture of sweet potato in it. Quite yummy.

Spicy Breakfast


Lunch Plan B


On Sunday, mum went for her massage in Kepong again. We ate an expensive hawker lunch at Restoran Sixty Three Kopitiam. Standard price: MR6.50. Ouch. I did some reading at Nelson Tan Cafe while waiting for KH to appear. So nice of him to accompany me. Later, we went grocery shopping at the nearby AEON Big. Finally found Colgate Triple Action toothpaste there. Dunno why its so elusive. At about 4:00 PM, mum was done, so we said our goodbyes. On the way back home, Waze brought me near Petaling Street. Decided to turn in to see if Restoran Santa was open. Was hankering for their chapati. Sadly, it wasn't open. We parked outside of St. John's Cathedral and walked to Saravanaa Bhavan instead. We shared two pieces of chapati and ordered a couple of cow's milk tea. I spiked mine with masala. Didn't walk around too much cause there were too many 'colourful' characters around. Before leaving, we visited the cathedral to light some vocation candles. The cathedral grounds were lively with pinoys learning ballroom dancing in the open and other youth activities.

Masala Tea

Our Mother

Missionary School

Back home, my neighbour invited us to her Raya open house. My first in years. She's a Chinese who married a Malay man some twenty years ago. Her university undergraduate son is quite cute. I often spy him at the porch topless. She ordered some laksa, satay and lemang. And now, even durian has become juadah Raya. In the evening makan lagi at MaisonSK. Eat, eat, eat, eat. LOL.


Steamed Bitter Gourd



Derek said...

Yeah la, asked you try the RM4.50 curry me many times already.

William said...

I tried long before lo...

Anonymous said...

hmmm..got pic of the son?

Twilight Man said...

Wah! Purplish onde-onde. Next might be red and blue.

William said...


Sweet potato ma.