Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mother-Son Malaysia Day


Malaysia Day was a family outing for me, quality time with mum and KH. Hehe. We headed to The Gardens Mall for some shopping. The roads were clear and there were 1400+ available parking bays. All thanks to the Red Shirt Rally. Many decided to play it safe and spend the day at home. Hence the mall was also quiet and we found nothing interesting on the shelves. Even the mid-autumn feel was limited to a small section of the mall. Brought mum for a dim sum yum cha session at Grand Harbour, the very traditional thing for a son-in-law to do. Got some durian puffs which I didn't touch and KH's favourite custard buns. Also ordered char siew pastry which was quite good. I also liked their teng zai congee cause it had lots of stuff in it. Closed with a plate of signature fried bihun and that made for a great lunch. Bumped into Pikey and a bunch of his friends having lunch at Brotzeit. Been a long time since we met up. Sensing that KH felt a bit bored, I sent him off to Sharky who so happened to be at Midvalley Megamall too. Mum and I continued our window shopping and left shortly after.

Durian Puff

Charsiew Pastry

Golden Custard Bun

Fried Bihun

As I was driving along Old Klang Road, I suddenly thought of Wild Sheep Chase. Turned into Taman Desa to try my luck again. Thankfully we secured a table just five minutes after getting in line. I ordered their signature vanilla soufflé, hot coffee with milk and hot tea with milk. From my table, I had a good view of their staff preparing the drinks. Very methodical. Saw them actually pouring tea over a suspended ice cube. Must be some reason for that. With the effort they put into preparing their drinks, no wonder my hot drinks arrived lukewarm! However, I thoroughly enjoyed the soufflé. I listened to their advice and kept my camwhoring at a minimum to enjoy it fresh out of the oven. It was fluffy on the inside and a little crispy on the outside. Looking closely, one can see black flecks in it which is actually from natural vanilla pods. As recommended, I made a hole on top and poured in the osmanthus maple syrup. In between bites, I ate some grapefruit sorbet. A brilliant combination of sweet and tart flavours. As we were finishing up, Sharky and KH appeared. Since Sharky knew the owners, he just took over our table by adding a couple of chairs. Not sure if he earned the evil eye by the poor people in the waiting list. Haha. So much for Malaysia Day.

Painstaking Tea Brewing

Cafe au Lait

London Fog

Vanilla Souffle


Twilight Man said...

I always forgot to check out the Wild Sheep's.
I must go there this week!

William said...

This weekend or Deepavali.