Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Merdeka Mandheling

Dim Sum Trio

On Merdeka morning, had a dim sum breakfast with mum at Tian Xin, Equine Park. I was a bit surprised by how much mum ordered. Not her style at all, especially when it comes to meat. Did some shopping at AEON after that, but there weren't many Merdeka specials at all, so we didn't stay for long. Lunch was homecooked. An elaborate pairing of sweet potato-pumpkin soup with pan-fried salmon and sanma. Had an avacado too. Called my darling KH and Wai out for coffee in the afternoon. Our first choice was Sharky's recommendation-- Wild Sheep Chase at Taman Desa. Unfortunately, it wasn't open. Took us a while to find it since they didn't have a sign up. Ugh. KH suggested Await Cafe. My first time there. A Cina cafe for single origins hunters. I ordered a cup of Sumatran Madheling and it suit my palatte quite well. Paired that with a slice of cheesecake. No Merdeka feel at all this year. Hardly see any flags. I'm sure that Malaysians love their country, but they are too disappointed with the government of the day. The corrupt are too entrenched and they equate themselves to the country. Hopefully a change will come.

Salmon & Sanma

Await Cafe



Twilight Man said...

Wild Sheep Chase and Await Cafe! Cool names and I didn;t even know Taman Desa is so happening now.

William said...

And new stuff at Faber Towers