Thursday, October 01, 2015

Bunny Zanmai

Wantan Noodles

On the first Saturday after my Siem Reap trip, mum declared that there was no need to go to the market. There was adequate ingredients for the week's cooking. We ate breakfast at Equine Park's Restoran Tar Chong. Truthfully, I had not been there in ages. Not too fond of the crowds there. Afterwards, we went to AEON since it was in the vicinity. Mum made lunch with some multi-grain noodles. Yummy stuff especially with mum's embellishments. Played with a Laq model that I had bought on MySale. It has interesting parts that one can use to construct marvelous geometric models like geodesic spheres. Different from Lego. A nice clacking sound when you attach and detach the pieces. Felt like a kid again for a while.

Colorful Lunch

Instruction Manual

Geodesic Sphere

In the evening, I attended Bunny's birthday dinner. With Bunny's birthday, there's always a word association with "Sushi Tei" or "Sushi Zanmai". For 2015, we chose the latter. It was session number two (there's usually three sessions over three weeks) and quite a number of us turned up-- KH, SK, Apollo, Junior (been years since I last saw him) and even SimonLover. Brian and QueerRanter-D who weren't close to him also came to memeriahkan majlis. As usual, we had coffee and cake after dinner, choosing Pacific Coffee as the venue. Even more surprising was that the party moved on to Tesco afterwards. Haha.

Salmon Sashimi



untold stories said...

Wantan noodles! It makes me miss Malaysia

Twilight Man said...

I am impressed with this LAQ model.
I thought Tar Chong is a mixed rice shop like the one in Uptown.

William said...

I notice that my phone is full of WTM pics LOL.

Same boss perhaps.

Derek said...

We better suggest alternative to prepare for next year! LOL

William said...

You have to fulfill Bunny's requirements le