Thursday, October 15, 2015


Someday I'll Soar

Just some two weeks back, a colleague of mine lost control of her car on MEX highway while tackling a bend in the rain. Her cute little Hyundai i10 swerved from left to right after hitting her brakes. She lost control of the brakes and the steering wheel. When her car finally came to a halt, it was inches from the railing. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved in that incident and she was not hurt, only shaken. That should have prompted me to have my tyres checked. It happened to me while I was driving home on a rainy night. Like her, I was manoeuvring a bend and when I hit my brakes, I could immediately feel my car moving forward faster than I intended. There was no way to steer. The car just lunged head on to the pavement. The moment my car hit the pavement, the steering unlocked and it rebounded to the outer lane. I regained control and drove back to the left lane, without missing a beat. I knew I was very lucky that there were no cars beside me at that moment. I continued to drive, sensing that my car was wobbling. I stopped at the petrol station some 500 metres in front and inspected my vehicle. No damage to the paint job. The wheel took the brunt of the impact. I could see the left rim all battered and with cement still stuck to the sides. Surprisingly my heart was not racing, but I had a deep realization that I was very lucky. Thank God that I was spared from bodily and nobody else was hurt in that accident. I drove slowly to the nearest tyre shop hoping that they had not closed, but I was too late.

Siew Mai

Took emergency leave the next day to fix my tyres. Initially wanted to check out tyre shop recommend by my hair stylist, but I waited for half an hour and they weren't open yet. Didn't want to wait anymore so I drove to Equine Park. Went back to the shop where I got a replacement tyre for when it was poked by a 3" metal rod. The guy took a look at the tyres and declared that I only needed to change two tyres. I took the Silverstone for RM120 each. Surprisingly the same price as it was in 2013. While they worked, I went to a nearby dim sum shop called Tian Xin and pulled out my laptop to work on the design paper I was rushing on. Ordered a cup of coffee and the standard siew mai and har kaw. The coffee and siew mai passed, but the prawn dumplings failed. Not many can get the skin correct these days. Turns out my rim could not be salvaged. It wobbled even after they tried to whack it back into shape. Opted for a replacement for MYR60. All my problems were solved in an hour or so. But the guy did mention that the steering bush is a bit loose. No cause for concern yet. I went home, freshened up, and took the LRT to KL. Met KH for lunch at Shin Kee and coffee at Killiney Hub. A sweaty lunch with all the stuffy venues and walking around in the sun!

Beef Noodles

Rubber Trade


Jaded Jeremy said...

Oh wow, luckily both of you are ok.

Only RM120? Wah, cheap

William said...

I'm impressed that the price did not go up

Twilight Man said...

I am so damn shocked to hear RM120 for a tyre! So cheap la.
Last month I drove to Klang and happily got RM190 per tyre. I was happy and blew my trumpet.

William said...

Depends on the brand and size