Friday, October 09, 2015


The Atria

The kids were still with mum and I on Sunday. Brought them to mass with us. Holed them up in the kiddy room as usual to avoid disturbances to the liturgy. While I was driving out of church, I asked Big Monster where he wanted to have lunch. Little Monster immediately got up, pulled my face to the left, and started in a puppy dog voice, "Kau fu... please bring me Jusco... please, please, please...". Wow, the kid knows how to plead and show puppy eyes now. Anyway, went to Atria Shopping Gallery. Our first time them after the revamp. I was warned that getting parking would not be so easy, but I was lucky that day. Atria is easy to navigate. Very uniform, just a long hall, no turnings, no hidden corners. Lunched at Nosh Up, a restaurant serving a mixture of Western and Asian cuisine. I was lazy to go looking around and was attracted by their "kids eat free" policy. The waiter gave the kids some crayons and some pre-printed paper. I ordered the big breakfast and duck confit. Truth be told, the food was quite mediocre and the service less than mediocre. I had to ask for everything. Benci. Mum did some shopping while I brought the kids roaming. Much better to let them run outside than to horse around inside. There was also a Doraemon merchandise fair there, but too bad no Suneo statue. Took Twilight's recommendation and bought some durian puffs from Taste Better. Really hate the way they operate the kiosk. A lot of dilly-dallying which I assume is their way of creating a queue in front of their cashier. In the evening, brought that to the dinner party at MaisonSK.

Big Breakfast

Duck Confit

Durian Puffs


Anonymous said...

Nice or not those durian puffs?

William said...

I tak makan :P

Twilight Man said...

Woi! You anti-durians kah? I still buy them for my old father who could finish a box of 6 by himself. It is so heavenlicious!

William said...

I've not had durian in many years