Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mother-Son Malaysia Day


Malaysia Day was a family outing for me, quality time with mum and KH. Hehe. We headed to The Gardens Mall for some shopping. The roads were clear and there were 1400+ available parking bays. All thanks to the Red Shirt Rally. Many decided to play it safe and spend the day at home. Hence the mall was also quiet and we found nothing interesting on the shelves. Even the mid-autumn feel was limited to a small section of the mall. Brought mum for a dim sum yum cha session at Grand Harbour, the very traditional thing for a son-in-law to do. Got some durian puffs which I didn't touch and KH's favourite custard buns. Also ordered char siew pastry which was quite good. I also liked their teng zai congee cause it had lots of stuff in it. Closed with a plate of signature fried bihun and that made for a great lunch. Bumped into Pikey and a bunch of his friends having lunch at Brotzeit. Been a long time since we met up. Sensing that KH felt a bit bored, I sent him off to Sharky who so happened to be at Midvalley Megamall too. Mum and I continued our window shopping and left shortly after.

Durian Puff

Charsiew Pastry

Golden Custard Bun

Fried Bihun

As I was driving along Old Klang Road, I suddenly thought of Wild Sheep Chase. Turned into Taman Desa to try my luck again. Thankfully we secured a table just five minutes after getting in line. I ordered their signature vanilla soufflé, hot coffee with milk and hot tea with milk. From my table, I had a good view of their staff preparing the drinks. Very methodical. Saw them actually pouring tea over a suspended ice cube. Must be some reason for that. With the effort they put into preparing their drinks, no wonder my hot drinks arrived lukewarm! However, I thoroughly enjoyed the soufflé. I listened to their advice and kept my camwhoring at a minimum to enjoy it fresh out of the oven. It was fluffy on the inside and a little crispy on the outside. Looking closely, one can see black flecks in it which is actually from natural vanilla pods. As recommended, I made a hole on top and poured in the osmanthus maple syrup. In between bites, I ate some grapefruit sorbet. A brilliant combination of sweet and tart flavours. As we were finishing up, Sharky and KH appeared. Since Sharky knew the owners, he just took over our table by adding a couple of chairs. Not sure if he earned the evil eye by the poor people in the waiting list. Haha. So much for Malaysia Day.

Painstaking Tea Brewing

Cafe au Lait

London Fog

Vanilla Souffle

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mee Raja

Mee Raja

Believe it or not, I had never eaten at Murni Discovery before. Many years ago, I was supposed to have a gathering at the their popular SS2 outlet, but when I saw the chaotic crowd of uni students there, I immediately turned away and headed for a quieter place. Today, they have 8 locations around Klang Valley. While waiting for mum to finish her massage, I lepak-ed at their Kepong Metro Perdana branch. Of course I ordered their signature Mee Raja. When the plate arrived, I could not help but stare at the obscene portion of noodles. I understood why they provide take away boxes at the public areas cause no normal person could finish that alone. Taste-wise, its nothing to shout about really. Ate what I could and packed the leftovers for mum. Not sure about their items though. Any recommendations?

I'll end my post with a blurry photo of a twunk I saw there. Can't make out his features, but I think you can see that his arms are quite sexy!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Green Tea

Okoicha Langue de Chat

Malebranche's Okoicha Langue de Chat, oh how I've missed you. Thanks Brian for hunting this down for me in Kyoto. Nom nom nom!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Market, Coffee, Tea

Fried Tofu

To start off, Notepad++ crashed on me (not that it never happened before) and killed my text file in the process. I'm kinda pissed because that text file contained all my blog post notes that I had to publish! All my hard work gone in an instant! So forgive me if I'm gonna be a little brief here cause I had forgotten all the details!!!

Sweet Potatoes and Ginger

Go market beli sayur.

Daniel's Wantan Mee

Makan Daniel's wantan noodles.

Egg Tarts

Bought some egg tarts from Tong Kee.


Went out tea time paktor with KH. Wanted Wild Sheep Chase, but there was a long line. Huge floor space, limited tables. Hunger marketing perhaps. Alternative? Les Deux Garcons just a short walk away. Another couple did the same. The latte we ordered came in something that reminded me of a bowl more than a cup. It wasn't bad. Our table was next to a bunch of orang kaya who brought their own liquor in a cooler box. They toasted each other:

"So much suffering in the world, so let's enjoy life!"

Didn't order their cakes. The prices have gone sky high. A small slice can set you off MYR25!

Teh Tarik

Simple dinner at MaisonSK. Mum watched Astro Golden Melody with Apollo's mum while we went out for teh tarik at Restoran Rishadh. The end.

P.S.: Perhaps you prefer this simpler format? Brisk. Straight to the point. Haha.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Merdeka Mandheling

Dim Sum Trio

On Merdeka morning, had a dim sum breakfast with mum at Tian Xin, Equine Park. I was a bit surprised by how much mum ordered. Not her style at all, especially when it comes to meat. Did some shopping at AEON after that, but there weren't many Merdeka specials at all, so we didn't stay for long. Lunch was homecooked. An elaborate pairing of sweet potato-pumpkin soup with pan-fried salmon and sanma. Had an avacado too. Called my darling KH and Wai out for coffee in the afternoon. Our first choice was Sharky's recommendation-- Wild Sheep Chase at Taman Desa. Unfortunately, it wasn't open. Took us a while to find it since they didn't have a sign up. Ugh. KH suggested Await Cafe. My first time there. A Cina cafe for single origins hunters. I ordered a cup of Sumatran Madheling and it suit my palatte quite well. Paired that with a slice of cheesecake. No Merdeka feel at all this year. Hardly see any flags. I'm sure that Malaysians love their country, but they are too disappointed with the government of the day. The corrupt are too entrenched and they equate themselves to the country. Hopefully a change will come.

Salmon & Sanma

Await Cafe


Monday, October 19, 2015

Political Douching


Mum and I did not participate in the fourth BERSIH rally. She told me that at her age, she shouldn't be running from tear gas canisters anymore. Haha. So on Saturday morning, I brought her to the wet market at Jalan Hujan Emas 8, Taman OUG. Quite a sight to behold really. Although we did not go to BERSIH, BERSIH some how came to us. Many of the vendors were wearing BERSIH 4 T-shirts. From the vegetable sellers to the fish mongers to the butchers to the wantan noodle hawkers. Those who did not have official T-shirts wore yellow. The same scene repeated itself at the main market at Jalan Hujan Gerimis 5. Even the staff at my favourite noodle stall were all in yellow. The only yellow I wore was my GX3 underwear. LOL.

Noodles & Tea

As usual, we had lunch at home. Cooked up a couple of plates of wholemeal noodles and paired it with roasted duck from the market. Satisfying. Went to The Mines with SK after that. Mum wanted to take a look at the Ms Read warehouse sale over there. Been ages since I step foot into that mall. Didn't even know where to park. A bit confusing. Also couldn't navigate well inside. So very different from what I remember. Anyway, managed to find the shop and thankfully mum and SK did find a few items that they liked. There's now a large home furnishing store inside the mall, from Australia. It was still August, but Halloween was already in full swing. For zentai lovers, take note they sell a black, X-Ray skin suit. Hehe. Yumcha-ed at Teochew Chendul to rest our legs as we couldn't find any coffee place besides Starbucks.

Roast Duck Lunch


Asam Laksa

In the evening, there was a special event at church. Prayers for the nation together with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. And surprisingly, someone went around distributing Bersih 4 scarves! Left quietly after that as the prayers would go on till 6AM the next day. Before going home, we stopped Kayu Nasi Kandar, Aman Suria for some supper. Was surprised to learn that some of my colleagues and ex-colleagues actually stayed overnight on the streets! Bravo! Thankfully nothing untoward happened as the authorities did not crackdown like in the last rallies. Hopefully Malaysia will emerge as better nation when eyes and ears are opened and all the stumbling blocks are removed.

Bersih 4

Roti Telur

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Someday I'll Soar

Just some two weeks back, a colleague of mine lost control of her car on MEX highway while tackling a bend in the rain. Her cute little Hyundai i10 swerved from left to right after hitting her brakes. She lost control of the brakes and the steering wheel. When her car finally came to a halt, it was inches from the railing. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved in that incident and she was not hurt, only shaken. That should have prompted me to have my tyres checked. It happened to me while I was driving home on a rainy night. Like her, I was manoeuvring a bend and when I hit my brakes, I could immediately feel my car moving forward faster than I intended. There was no way to steer. The car just lunged head on to the pavement. The moment my car hit the pavement, the steering unlocked and it rebounded to the outer lane. I regained control and drove back to the left lane, without missing a beat. I knew I was very lucky that there were no cars beside me at that moment. I continued to drive, sensing that my car was wobbling. I stopped at the petrol station some 500 metres in front and inspected my vehicle. No damage to the paint job. The wheel took the brunt of the impact. I could see the left rim all battered and with cement still stuck to the sides. Surprisingly my heart was not racing, but I had a deep realization that I was very lucky. Thank God that I was spared from bodily and nobody else was hurt in that accident. I drove slowly to the nearest tyre shop hoping that they had not closed, but I was too late.

Siew Mai

Took emergency leave the next day to fix my tyres. Initially wanted to check out tyre shop recommend by my hair stylist, but I waited for half an hour and they weren't open yet. Didn't want to wait anymore so I drove to Equine Park. Went back to the shop where I got a replacement tyre for when it was poked by a 3" metal rod. The guy took a look at the tyres and declared that I only needed to change two tyres. I took the Silverstone for RM120 each. Surprisingly the same price as it was in 2013. While they worked, I went to a nearby dim sum shop called Tian Xin and pulled out my laptop to work on the design paper I was rushing on. Ordered a cup of coffee and the standard siew mai and har kaw. The coffee and siew mai passed, but the prawn dumplings failed. Not many can get the skin correct these days. Turns out my rim could not be salvaged. It wobbled even after they tried to whack it back into shape. Opted for a replacement for MYR60. All my problems were solved in an hour or so. But the guy did mention that the steering bush is a bit loose. No cause for concern yet. I went home, freshened up, and took the LRT to KL. Met KH for lunch at Shin Kee and coffee at Killiney Hub. A sweaty lunch with all the stuffy venues and walking around in the sun!

Beef Noodles

Rubber Trade

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

German Day, Japanese Night

Meat Platter

KH bought a Groupon voucher for a meat platter at SOP (Sound of Paradigm), Paradigm Mall some months ago. He utilised it at the final weekend before it expired. Rounded up SK, Nicky05 and Sharky to join. Huge floor space but only a few tables occupied on a Saturday afternoon. Funny that the waiter told KH that they were fully-booked. Kelentong le tu. Was nice to see Nicky05 and Sharky again. The platter consisted of a pork knuckle, schnitzel, pork belly, bacon and a side of mash and sauerkraut. Also ordered some dark German beer and it was fun getting Sharky to drink it. One sip and he looked ready to hurl! At the end, we got him to take a wefie for us. That kid is a real natural. His arms are biological wefie sticks. Went to Pacific Coffee after that but Sharky didn't join. He needed to 'comfort' his gor who had just gone through a breakup.

Dark Beer

Another makan-makan event was slotted in the evening. An early celebration for Lifebook's birthday at Yamada. Sad to say that I was disappointed with the quality of food that night. Not worth the price. Mediocre salad, sour unagi and bland sashimi. I was only happy with the salt-grilled Amberjack head. Mum and other senior citizens went home to watch Astro Classic Golden Melody while SK, KH, Apollo, QueerRanter-D, #BF and I went to Donutes for some drinks and a slice of cake. Lifebook redeemed a birthday treat from them but it was a poor-looking custard bun. Didn't stay long as I was quite sleepy. Not polite talking to someone then lolling your head from left to right!

Negitoro Maki

Grilled Ox Tongue


Salt-grilled Amberjack Head


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Undies Survey

I've had the "My Fave Undies Survey!" link on my blog since February 2011. So far it has garnered a yawn-inducing 124 respondents. Haha. It goes slowly, so what he heck, I'll just release the interim summary. Not all the questions are here because I added those much later, hence even less data to play with. So this is the feedback I received:

Mini briefs came out tops. The most practical design for work and play I suppose. A balance between coverage and sexiness. Are you a mini briefs guy? I know I am.

When it comes to the underwear band, most of the respondents prefer thick bands. More than half. Looks like Marky Mark in his undies left a lasting impression even after so many years. Personally, I dislike bands that are too thick. When you sit down, the fold, and that ruins the elastic.

White seems to be favourite colour for my readers. Very basic, but very sexy at the same time. Unfortunately, harder to maintain. No skid marks please. Hehe. My personal choice is yellow.

In terms of material, there are so many options out there. But stretchy cotton is the winner here. I guess its due to the breathability of cotton and the sexy snugness of lycra that appeals. In terms of material, I like cotton and the newer synthetic materials. I can wear both for work and play.

When it comes to fancy prints, seems that most of my readers say nay. I understand why most people would stick to the conservative solid colours, but I like a little fun in my underwear drawer. Bold prints and abstract designs help to make my collection stand out.

There you have it folks. If you haven't joined the survey, you can do so now! And its been fun chatting with those of you who left an e-mail addie. Thanks in advance.

P.S.: Perhaps I should have an underwear selfie submission too. :P

Friday, October 09, 2015


The Atria

The kids were still with mum and I on Sunday. Brought them to mass with us. Holed them up in the kiddy room as usual to avoid disturbances to the liturgy. While I was driving out of church, I asked Big Monster where he wanted to have lunch. Little Monster immediately got up, pulled my face to the left, and started in a puppy dog voice, "Kau fu... please bring me Jusco... please, please, please...". Wow, the kid knows how to plead and show puppy eyes now. Anyway, went to Atria Shopping Gallery. Our first time them after the revamp. I was warned that getting parking would not be so easy, but I was lucky that day. Atria is easy to navigate. Very uniform, just a long hall, no turnings, no hidden corners. Lunched at Nosh Up, a restaurant serving a mixture of Western and Asian cuisine. I was lazy to go looking around and was attracted by their "kids eat free" policy. The waiter gave the kids some crayons and some pre-printed paper. I ordered the big breakfast and duck confit. Truth be told, the food was quite mediocre and the service less than mediocre. I had to ask for everything. Benci. Mum did some shopping while I brought the kids roaming. Much better to let them run outside than to horse around inside. There was also a Doraemon merchandise fair there, but too bad no Suneo statue. Took Twilight's recommendation and bought some durian puffs from Taste Better. Really hate the way they operate the kiosk. A lot of dilly-dallying which I assume is their way of creating a queue in front of their cashier. In the evening, brought that to the dinner party at MaisonSK.

Big Breakfast

Duck Confit

Durian Puffs

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Sexy Saturday

We're Open

It was a babysitting weekend for mum and I because my sister had an exhibition at PWTC. Ate breakfast at my sister's place and played with the little ones till noon. Back home, KH was waiting for me. We made sweaty love on my bed. Later in the afternoon, he sent me to my sister's place and stopped a while to play with the kids. Little Monster was on a block frenzy building bigger and bigger Duplo rifles. He then started filling his school bag with blocks. Stuffed it full! In the evening, SK fetched Apollo's mum and her granny over to watch the Astro Classic Golden Melody show while we went out to have coffee at Piccolo Cafe. Glad to see that they were still around and seating was nearly full. Although I have green tea lattes, I gave it a try. Not too bad. LOL. For cake we had Tofufah cake and it even came with a drizzle of brown sugar. A nice way to spend a rainy evening (of course snuggling naked in bed together would have been much more preferrable!).

Green Tea Latte

Table Top